Disruption of Economy
On the border between freedom and restrictions

Art and economy have an intriguing relationship. On the one hand, we both strongly rely on the same ground of social psychology; on the other, we share a love-hate relationship of ignoring and conflict. Besides intrigue, the combination of art and economy provides a lot of room for creative thinking and interpretation both for the young artists and the triennial audience.

Similarly to the relationship between art and economy, the challenge Eksperimenta! presented to the Tallinn Art Hall by proposing it to become the co-organiser of the third triennial exhibition, entails both freedoms and restrictions. For the triennial this meant stepping from the sphere of enthusiasm and volunteering into the sphere of institutional professionalism. For the Tallinn Art Hall, this entailed the need to flexibly understand very young artists without lowering the standards of artistic quality. Selection made by art teachers and mentors of the partnering art schools was thus further curated, taking into account the possibilities of the exhibition space as well as the operating rules of the institution. This means that instead of the so-called “national pavilions” known from the previous triennials, artists and their works must stand independently in the challenging conditions of an international art exhibition. This also means that the participants are offered an opportunity to use exhibition spaces that have a symbolic significance on the Estonian cultural landscape, as well as a professional support team. Most importantly, however, the young artists are offered an opportunity to challenge themselves in the logic and rhythm of the “real” art world.

Eksperimenta! 2017