Eksperimenta! 2017 jury has awarded artists from Lithuania, Latvia and Germany

The jury of the contemporary art triennial Eksperimenta! 2017 has awarded three young artists whose art works stood out with their artistic expression.

The chairman of the jury, Vano Allsalu (President of Estonian Artists’ Association) pointed out the overall high artistic level of this year’s exhibition: “I am impressed by the variety of viewpoints of the young artists, their sincere and playful approach to personal questions as well as big global problems from migration crisis to the rights of children, different economic models and visions of the future.”

The members of the jury – Kaarin Kivirähk (Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia), Taaniel Raudsepp (Tallinn Art Hall) and Vano Allsalu (Estonian Artists’ Association) selected the following works:

Vytaute Petkeviciute “The President Painted Over” (Lithuania)

The precise and laconic work analyses the relation between art and economy in a witty way by using unique and conceptual means of artistic expression. The painting depicts the Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaite as a Barbie doll. For economical reasons it was over-painted to be a mandala.

Mona Bernhard “The Stock Market Oracle” (Germany)

The work is a contemporary complete expression of the most well-known symbol of the economy – the stock market – by using traditional handcraft in a performative way that also engages the audience.

Elina Puce “The Structuring of Time” (Latvia)

A thorough work of research uses playfully the most basic artistic process of mixing colours to visualize the results. It analyses the usage of time by people that is most immediately connected to the economic aspects of the society and daily life through an artistic prism.

In addition to young artists the jury also acknowledged their tutors and art schools. The jury pointed out the works by Maria Barbakadze, Ilia Uvarov and Maria Golovinskaya that resulted from a creative camp in Berlin under the title “Berlin Flea Market” and the project by Canadian young artists Angela Anne Fernandez Aguila, Ann Kendell Maloles, Francis Novilla, Aaron Ryan V. Legaspi, Elina Q. Pe Benito, Jenna Li, John Russel Millar “The Forbidden Fruit: Humankind’s Choice in the Perpetual Discord between Art and the Economy“.


Kalli Kalmet