Art is important!

E! 2017 visitor numbers:

  • Tallinn Art Hall, exhibition “Disruption of Economy”: 2,633, among them 1,011 people attending the audience programmes and guided tours.
  • Art Hall Gallery, exhibition “Disruption of Economy”: 1,913
  • Tallinn City Gallery, exhibition “Disruption of Economy”: 2,765
  • Gallery of the Estonian Academy of Arts, exhibition of the IMAL project space: 310
  • Museum of Photography, exhibition “Photo art: To sell or not to sell?”: 1,167

Total: 8,788 exhibition visitors

  • Estoria Conference Centre, exhibition “Photo art: To sell or not to sell?”: 35,889

Total: 44,677 people directly experienced the triennial exhibitions

Eksperimenta! 2017 is now over, emotions are clearing and numbers are being counted. Many thanks to everyone who helped us and contributed: the expo-wizards from Valge Kuup, Estoria experience hotel, family enterprise Vunder, the media guard Meedius, people in the Tallinn Art Hall, Museum of Photography and the EAA Gallery, the organising team and the participating artists as well as visitors and those sharing their experience in the media. Thank you all!


Kalli Kalmet