Time management and independence!

Time management!
Selene Margaret Pruuden
E! participating artist

I acknowledged quite a few things during Eksperimenta! that are important for larger projects as well as everyday life. First, I would like to highlight time management, the importance of which came to me in the final stages, right before submitting my work… I learned this through my stress level that kept increasing in the course of creating the work. Thanks to understanding the importance of time management, I am much more organised this year at school and face fewer problems. Second, I learned official correspondence and how to communicate with different people. Third, I learned that you must always be prepared for unexpected events you have no clue about before they occur. You must keep calm and be able to organise things so that everything works.

I was surprised at the warmth and helpfulness of the Eksperimenta! exhibition team. As I had to deal with various companies and organisations that remained quite indifferent, it was heart-warming to work with the construction team, who always helped me find quick solutions to various issues and never left me alone with my problem. Our cooperation was smooth and I was also complimented for my clear and detailed assembly instructions. When Eksperimenta! was finally opened, the success of my project kept me in elevated mood for hours afterwards. J

When we talk about art in general, I am continuing my studies at Sally Studio. I have pretty much decided that my future specialty is related to art – I like approaching life from the angle of art. As for my relationship with economy, we are still quite far from each other, but Eksperimenta! certainly brought me much closer to it by expanding my horizons and making me understand the economy through various examples.

Fingerprints and independence
Maria Tõnisberg
E! participating artist

By participating in the Eksperimenta! project I realised that I’m not as independent as the TIP youth party advertises itself… We certainly wouldn’t have been able to set up our mirror installation without out helping parents and art teacher. I discovered what is behind a carefully crafted exhibition: how artists basically live in the exhibition hall for the entire week preceding the exhibition opening to put up their work, and how long it actually takes to set up a large exhibition. I was proud to enter the Art Hall from the back door, like a true artist. The Art Hall without art seemed even scary to me at first. And we are more than happy with the result. The installation is more fabulous than we would have ever imagined (and it also seems to be the favourite place for visitors taking their selfies).

Participation at the exhibition gave us the opportunity to meet young artists from other countries and cool curators, and to gain a lot of experience in giving interviews in front of the cameras. It is incredible that you are already offered such an opportunity at the age of 15! And, of course, the entire exhibition – after thoroughly working it through, I would like to go back there every day. I have never laughed and cried so much at the same time in any art exhibition. Young artists are wonderfully honest and they have courage to display their greatest angers as well as greatest joys for the whole world to see. During the entire Eksperimenta! triennial I was only annoyed by the exhibition visitors. They could have thought about the poor young artists who have to come to the exhibition hall every week after school to wipe fingerprints off the mirrors. What ever happened to the golden rule of not touching the display items?

Kalli Kalmet