Eksperimenta! (hereinafter E!) is an art festival for young people to support the critical and creative thinking in the society through the integration of contemporary art and education. The project brings together young artists from 10 countries to exchange ideas and gain an experience of a professional international art event. The main theme of E! 2017 is “Art & economy” to analyze the current situation in global economy by means of contemporary art. The outcome of the project is a triennial exhibition held in Tallinn.

What? Youth contemporary art about economy

Who? 14 to 21 year old authors from 10 countries

Where? In Tallinn Art Hall, Art Hall Gallery, City Gallery, EAA Gallery, in the Museum of Photography and Sokos Hotels Tallinn Conference Centre

We wish to unleash the potential of the youth whose decisions will build the future. E! helps to make the ideas of young artists visible and offers them an opportunity to gain new experiences working in an international context and collaboration. The target group of E! is unique: most of the organisers of major international art events have left the age group of 14–21 without attention.

We wish to build bridges between contemporary art, everyday life and education through integrating topics important for young people (such as sustainability) into art practice. The relationship between art and the economy is that of irritation: on the one hand, they have a similar basis in social psychology, while on the other, they share a love-hate relationship of defiance and contest. Eksperimenta! creates an opportunity and context for discussing these complex topics.

E! idea with one minute: