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Open call for Eksperimenta! 2017 partners

Deadline for submissions 10 December 2015

We invite you to apply if you are an organisation (school, university, art society, professional association, gallery etc.) that wishes to arrange for the participation of school students of your country in the 2017 Eksperimenta! triennial and would like to become an official partner and member of the Eksperimenta! network.

The Contemporary Art Triennial Eksperimenta! is a multi-level international art education project designed for students between the ages of 14 and 19, as well as artists and art teachers. The mission of E! is to support the development of critical, socially sensitive and creative thinking in society through the unification of contemporary art and art education. The main aim of Eksperimenta! is to bring art and art education closer to each other.

The next Eksperimenta! will be taking place from 22 October to 4 December 2017 in Tallinn Art Hall, the Art Hall Gallery and City Gallery under the overarching theme of “Art and Economy”.

The relationship between contemporary art and the economy is one of irritation – on the one hand, they have a similar basis in social psychology, while on the other, they have a love-hate relationship of defiance and contest. The discourse of Us vs. Them can be observed distinctly.

Art education creates an opportunity and context for discussing complex subjects. Art helps to conceptualise and comprehend a more profound, less-illuminated side that otherwise remains imperceptible, abstract in everyday haste. Sustainability, for example, is a central concept in both economics and art education. How sustainable is today’s economic model? Is the economy, the way we are accustomed to thinking of it and whose modes of action we study in economics lessons, now self-destructing? What is emerging? What awaits us?

Submission form and Submission guidelines, calendar.

More information:

Annely Köster


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See you in Tallinn in 2017!

More information available from October 2015

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P.F. 2015

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Eksperimenta! and Annely Köster, the director of E! were awarded the “Culture Deed of the Year” prize

Annely Köster. Photo: Maiken Staak

Eksperimenta! and Annely Köster, the director of E! were awarded the “Culture Deed of the Year” prize on 21st November in Haapsalu, Estonia. The award was issued for the first time by the Estonian Culture Chamber and the Ministry of Culture and celebrates an action or deed that preserves and strengthens the inner power of Estonian culture, addresses the society and joins different art, cultural and other fields of life in an innovative and wholesome way.

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Eksperimenta! in Euronews: “Eksperimenta!: Promoting art in education”

Look more

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Overview of Eksperimenta! in the programme Kultuurimeeter

YouTube Preview Image
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Photo overview of Eksperimenta!

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New opening times

From now on Eksperimenta! exhibition in St Catherine’s will be open 12-18 on Saturdays and Sundays. Exhibition Hopner house is still open since 11.

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Media about Eksperimenta! triennial

Eksperimenta! avamine. Foto: Alver Linnamägi

Some videos and articles about Eksperimenta! triennial
Kultuur.err. ee. Video: Eksperimenta! avamine, näitus ja autasustamine (in Estonian)

Seitsmesed uudised. Tallinnas avati eksperimentaalne noortekunsti näitus (in Estonian)

Izglītība un kultūra. Latvijas ekspozīcija guvusi izcilus panākumus EKSPERIMENTA! Tallinā (in Latvian)

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Eksperimenta! jury awarded future art talents

Julius Ertelt's work "Spotted" on left. Photo: Alver Linnamägi

The jury of the international youth contemporary art triennial Eksperimenta! has awarded the aspiring artist awards to artists from Germany, Estonia and Turkey. The award for best curatorial work and the Canson award for young European artist were given to Latvia.

The jury members Maarin Ektermann (art researcher, head of education centre of Kumu, Estonian Art Museum), Dr. Peter Vietgen (Professor of Art Education at Brock University, Canada), Dr. Tomaz Zupancic (Professor of Art Education, University of Maribor, Slovenia) and Vano Allsalu (President of Estonian Artists’ Association, Associate Professor of Painting at Estonian Academy of Arts) were struggling to make a choice among the many highly professional artworks. So they awarded three prizes for the aspiring artists. Read more

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Programme of the Opening Days

22.10 15:00–17:30 E! pre-tour “Art & Science in Tallinn”
_____ _________ __________________________________________________________________
23.10 11:00–13:00 “Make Your Own E!” – programme for the participating youth.
Meet-up in front of St. Catherine’s Church.
Hopner house
15:00 performance “Opening the Authors”, Slovenia
15:15 performance “Opening the Authors”, Brazil
15:30 opening of the cross-border project
St. Catherine’s Church
16:00 performance “Opening the Authors”, Germany
16:15 performance “Opening the Authors”, Russia
16:30 performance “Opening the Authors”, Turkey
16:45 performance “Opening the Authors”, Finland
17:00 performance “Opening the Authors”, Latvia
17:15 performance “Opening the Authors”, Estonia
17:30 performance “Opening the Authors”, Portugal
17:45 performance “Opening the Authors”, Canada
18:00 opening ceremony
19:30-20:00 “Kolm põrsakest” (“Three Little Piglets”) presents:
science show
20:00–22:00 Stalker Festival presents: “Süntesatoorium” (“Synthesatorium”),
or an opportunity to create sounds on various self-made
analogue synthesizers and design a unique atmosphere of
communication and sound.
_____ _________ __________________________________________________________________
24.10 Eduko IDEAlaboratory: the art of teaching.
Nordic Hotell Forum, Viru Square 3.
Triennial is open between 11:00-18:00.
St.Catherine’s Church and Hopner House.
_____ _________ __________________________________________________________________
25.10. Eduko IDEAlaboratory: the art of assessment.
Nordic Hotell Forum, Viru Square 3.
Triennial is open between 11:00-18:00.
St.Catherine’s Church and Hopner House.
_____ _________ __________________________________________________________________
26.10. Triennial is open between 11:00-18:00.
St. Catherine’s Church and Hopner House.
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Eksperimenta! artworks are open for audience vote

Video "Tõeline armastus" Lätist

Videos of participating artists are being uploaded to Eksperimenta! FB and are looking for your votes. Which artwork do you like best? Vote until 23. October 10 a.m. The winner of the audience award will be announced at the opening of the exhibition in Tallinn.

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How to teach and assess arts? Find out at Eksperimenta! and IDEAlaboratory!

Reflection to the presentation of Tomaz Zupancic in IDEAlaboratory 2011. Joonmeedia

The international youth contemporary art triennial Eksperimenta! returns to Tallinn for the second time to explore the topic of Art and Science from 23rd October to 23rd November. Together with the opening of the exhibition the Eksperimenta! team invites education and art professionals to the IDEAlaboratory to explore the Art of Teaching and Art of Assessment on 24th and 25th October.

Read more

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Be an E! Volunteer!

Volunteers at work in 2011

Eksperimenta! is requesting the assistance of volunteers who would like to explain the background of youth art to visitors and help make each triennial visit an enjoyable experience!

By becoming an E! volunteer you can:
- explore the old town of Tallinn from a completely new angle – contemporary youth art in the middle of 14th century walls;
- take a look behind the scenes of a major international event;
- acquire inspiring experience, acquaintances and knowledge;
- receive a surprise gift;
- contribute to a more creative and caring world. Read more

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Eksperimenta! was looking for an Riga’s average person

Boys writing research answers. Photo: Jane Remm

From 4th to 5th of June representatives of Eksperimenta! Annely Köster and Jane Remm introduced to Latvian young people how to conduct a creative sociological research. The topic of the Riga workshop was „An average person“, it was organized by art centre „Tris krasas“. Read more

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The keynote speaker at Eksperimenta’s IDEAlaboratory James Elkins: Why art cannot be taught?

Prof. James Elkins. Photo: School of the Art Institute of Chicago. http://www.saic.edu/profiles/faculty/jameselkins/

As part of Eksperimenta! Eduko IDEAlaboratory for integrating contemporary art and education will take place from 24th to 25th October 2014 bringing together education experts, teachers, researches, artists and students. The keynote speaker of Eduko IDEAlaboratory is the internationally renowned art historian and critic James Elkins who asks why art cannot be taught.

Prof. Elkins is E. C. Chadbourne Chair of art history, theory, and criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He will focus on teaching and evaluating art at the Eduko IDEAlaboratory. Elkins has been interested in psychological processes of art students, criticism inside the class, the influence between student and teacher. He has been interested in what defines a good art teacher. One of his most intriguing books is entitled “Why Art cannot be taught”.

Estonian art historian Heie Treier explains how Elkins supported the visual culture studies as a possibility to rescue the art history writing from a kind of narrow, elitist, object-related and relatively boring approach. “For example, Elkins himself has experimented by analyzing an X-ray, a blade of grass, a sunset etc. while using different methods of art theory. It is quite rare that an art historian is equally interested in theory of art education,” says Treier.

Professor Elkins has held lectures in Estonia twice before – in 2005 in Tartu at the invitation of Tartu Art College and in 2010 in Tallinn at the invitation of Estonian Academy of Arts.

In addition to Professor Elkins we invite researchers and practitioners in the visual arts and art education to submit abstracts for peer-reviewed papers, presentations and practical workshops that would help to understand contemporary art and integrate it into teaching process of creative subjects. The call for papers is open until 10th of June. Topics include “The Art of Teaching” and “The Art of Evaluation”.

The Contemporary Art Triennial for School Students Eksperimenta! is a unique art event, which challenges art education to break out from the classroom and creatively interact with contemporary life and society.
The main topic of Eksperimenta! 2014 is “Art and Science”. It collects the interpretations by young artists and curators about the society, ecology up to nano technology in Tallinn Creative Hub. The authors from more than dozen countries are not professional artists but students aged 14 to 19. See more www.eksperimenta.net

IDEAlaboratory takes place as part of Eduko programme that has been launched by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Science and supported by the European Social Fund with the mission to improve Estonian teachers’ education, so that our children would have the best teachers in the world.

More info:
Annely Köster
+372 502 7897

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Eduko IDEAlaboratory. Open Call

A reflection of the presentation of the main presenter of IDEAlab 2011 Sir Ken Robinson. Joonmeedia.ee

As part of Eksperimenta! Eduko IDEAlaboratory for integrating contemporary art and education will take place from 24th to 25th October 2014 bringing together education experts, teachers, researches, artists and students. We are looking for intriguing and inspiring presentations / workshops, which would lead to a better understanding of the essence of contemporary art and would contribute to integrating / translating contemporary art into the art teaching process. The length of presentations is 45 minutes, workshops 60 minutes. For teachers we have reserved a session of short presentations (up to 20 minutes) on both days to present best practices. Read more

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Meeting of partners

Visit to the future triennial area. Photo: Annely Köster

Eksperimenta! partners’ and curators’ meeting took place from 26th till 28th of September in Tallinn.

The schedule of the meeting was diverse and busy. Partners introduced their planned approach to the triennial topic Art & Science; topics and structure of the cross-border exhibition was discussed, technical partner Euronics introduced possibilities for technical support; the E! research project was conceptualized under the direction of prof Tomaž Zupancic. Furthermore, a walk to the new venues in Tallinn Creative Hub were made under the direction of Evelyn Sepp and the opening week was set to take place from 22nd – 24th of October, including IDEAlaboratory from 23rd till 24th of October.

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Open call E! 2014. Art & Science

Eksperimenta! 2014 is looking for new partners and collaborators. Open call 2014.

Focusing on the topic Space, the first E! took place in 2011. Eksperimenta! 2014 will be
held in October – November 2014 in Tallinn Creative Hub on the topic Art & Science,
integrating contemporary art, art education and different fields of sciences. Art, education
and sciences are all becoming more interdisciplinary, for example a great part of
contemporary art uses research-based approach, in education discipline-based approach is
changing into topic-based approach and new fields of sciences are born in the crossborder
of disciplines. The E! triennial offers a cooperation platform for young people, art
educators, artists, curators, and scientists, being a kind of creative laboratory where new
innovative knowledge is born. Read more

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Canadian curators discussing E! at WIA project’s seminar

On January 18, 2012, WIA Projects held a seminar on curatorial collaboration in which curators and art educators Miriam Cooley and Joanna Black discussed their role as Canadian curators in the international exhibition Eksperimenta! held in Estonia, 2011.

Read more: http://wiaprojects.blogspot.com/2012/03/eksperimenta-moment.html

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