IDEAlaboratory is a short programme of presentations, seminars and workshops during the triennial, with events taking place in all of its premises. We wish to encourage school students and teachers to study economy through methods of art and vice versa, to inspire international collaboration as well as collaboration between various fields in both economy and arts.

Presentations, seminars, workshops

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Presented by: the initiative Huvitav Kool (“Interesting School”) and Estonia 100 art project “One Hundred Art Landscapes”

20.-21. October
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Tape art workshop and live performance

Tape That is an artist collective from Berlin whose works are created with adhesive tape. Their art draws inspiration from street art and graffiti.
Tape That will organise a practical tape art workshop in Tallinn which will be ended with a big data thematic live performance.
The workshop is meant for students from the 8th grade.
Time: November 2–3, 2017
Location: Tallinn TV Tower
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Organised by: Goethe-Institut Tallinn
Partner: Tallinn TV Tower

E! film programme

Fashion Art Cinema: “We Margiela”
Directed by: Menna Laura Meijer
Duration: 100 min
Country: Holland
Year: 2017

“When you want to please others and everyone, you will get nowhere. I think you have to diversify yourself from others. In the long run, it will give you freedom not to answer to the system.“ (Jenny Meirens, co-founder of the fashion house)

November 3-4, 2017
Sõprus Cinema
Tickets are available at Piletilevi salespoints and at the ticket office of Sõprus Cinema, 6 EUR

The Workshop of Evolutional Alternatives
Artistic Analytical Seminar

Nikolay L. Selivanov

The aim of the workshop will be to raise the problem of choosing future in
the form of working on a program devoted to the evolution of civilization.

The project of the future is developed by means of art. The analysis of evolutionary-biological, ethnic, cultural-historical alternatives
reflected in education, economics, politics, art will allow participants to formulate individual positions and creative motivations. Young artists will be able to answer the questions:
– How do you see yourself in future?
– What can an artist do for the future?
– What future can grow from our present?

Each of the three seminar days will be completed with the creation
of works on to the topic of the day. The three themes will cover the most acute problems of modern civilization:
“Chalk or mold. Two Strategies”
“Transgression. New Geography”
“Entropy. Generators of life”

The workshop is meant for students of lower and higher secondary school.
Time: December 1–3, 2017
Location: Tallinn Art Hall and Sally Stuudio Art School
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