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About IDEAlaboratory


Annika Sinitski, Kelli Kritt, Marie Palmet (Iisaku School of Arts), "Madonna with Children. Typical Way of Reproduction", 2009, performance. Photo: Kaja Tina

IDEAlaboratory is a platform for creating, collecting and sharing the best practices in art education, which is based on the work of the network of Eksperimenta!. IDEAlaboratory will conduct training courses, workshops and seminars in different countries. IDEAlaboratory is not strictly connected to the exhibition venue – it will be partly conducted in partner countries and in virtual space.

The centre of the virtual activity is the internet environment www.eksperimenta.net, where members of the network can upload documentation of their best practices and where everybody can discuss about the integration of contemporary art and art education.

The continuos activity of IDEAlaboratory will culminate after every three years in the opening week of the triennial, when persons who are active in art education and students all over the world can participate in the practial workshops and seminars. Professional artists, curators and art critics are also seen as important contibutors to the programme.

Part of the activities of IDEAlaboratory are training courses for Estonian teachers, which were initiated by the Estonian network and conducted by Sally Stuudio. In 2008 Estonian Ministry of Education and Science acknowledged two training programmes: “Grammar of Contemporary Art” (targeted to education leaders and non-art teachers) and “From Modernism to Post-modernism and back” (targeted to art teachers). The development the programmes and conducting the training courses are financed by the European Social Fund.

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