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APECV LOGOAPECV is a Portuguese art teachers association affilliated in the International Society for Education through Art –InSEA and founding member of the Rede Ibero Americana de Educacion Artistica.
APECV works in the area of arts education providing learning opportunities through arts education and community arts projects based raising awareness of art education potential for education to values, citizenship, sustainable development and social cohesion. The association edit the Journal Imginar, held congresses, seminars and workshops on art education for art educators, teachers and broader audiences. And has a teacher training centre for continuous professional development offering courses and workshops for art educators.

The association promotes the development of projects in the area of visual arts education , educational interchange practical projects, research projects and other international collaborations.

APECV is a member of Eksperimenta! international network and together with Africamor the coordinator of the Portuguese exposition of Eksperimenta! 2011.

Contact information:
Post address: R. Padre António Vieira, 76. 4300-030 Porto Portugal
Telephone: +351 22332 6617+351 22332 6617
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.apecv.pt