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Youth contemporary art through the eyes of curators

Turkey Group Work. Under the Titans

It is less than a week till the opening of the triennial, and most of the artists, curators and artworks are on their way to Tallinn by planes, ships, cars, trains or couriers. This is a good moment to look back and ask the curators about how difficult or easy it was to find and select talented authors and exhibits for Eksperimenta!. The curators of four national expositions shared their experience about curating youth contemporary art: Juha Saari from Finland, Alp Gani Oral from Turkey, Joanna Black from Canada, and Ilze Kupča from Latvia. Read more

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E! video

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Icelandic exposition

Eva Ros. My Room

MYNDLISTASKÓLINN Í REYKJAVÍK / THE REYKJAVIK SCHOOL OF VISUAL ART, founded by artists in 1947, is an independent non-profit organization. It offers visual studies on many levels: an after school programme for children and young people, a full year foundation course for visual studies and three departments on fourth/academic level – in drawing, textiles and sculpting. This diversity makes the school unique, with a very broad age range in the student-group (three to eighty-three!) and an atmosphere of flow and exchange between departments. Students on higher levels get inspired by the works of the younger students and vice versa. Many teachers teach at all levels and all teachers are professional artists, architects and designers.  Read more

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Irish exposition

John Joe Mongan, Roscommon

This exhibition from Kids’ Own is a celebration of work that took place between artists and young people in seven programmes across Ireland.
It offers a facet from which to view some of the collaborative practices and exchanges that have emerged through authentic collaboration and interchange between professional artists and young people. The selection represents a geographical spread throughout Ireland – Dublin, South Dublin, Belfast, Kilkenny, West Cork and Roscommon. Read more

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Russian exposition

Valeriy Bukharkov. The Device for Fixing of Optical Distortion

The specific character of the exposition space was determined by the direction of the activity of the educational institutions, studios and workshops that took part in this project. The main aim of these institutions is to develop children’s artistic aspirations and to encourage their creative pursuits till the moment when children make their occupational choice. In general, the activities of these institutions are not aimed at children’s career guidance. They are more likely oriented to the development of the values and personal qualities of a child with the help of pedagogical support. Another important fact is that education is based on academic tradition with its emphasis on drawing, painting and composition studies. Read more

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Eksperimenta! Jazzpainting workshop improvises with sound and colour

JazziMaal 2009. Photo: Märten Kaldamäe

On the last day of Eksperimenta! IDEAlaboratory, 30 April between 14:30–16:00, sound and visual art will meet in the JazzPainting workshop in the Glass Hall of the Song Festival Grounds. There will be colours for eyes and ears. Artworks will be created by collaboration and improvisation. The musicians will look and the artists will listen. Read more

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IDEAlaboratory presents: Giotto ja Lyra non-stop contemporary art workshop

FILA workshop focuses on fitting into the box. Photo: Hedi Vaikjärv

Eksperimenta! IDEAlaboratory 2011 main partner FILA, with brands Giotto & LYRA, and art material supplier Vunder are conducting a special contemporary art creative workshop on 30 April from 10.00 to 14.00.

The workshop addresses pigeonholing, labelling and compartmentalization. The serious, socially critical theme lets the students express their mind. In the workshop, each participant can create a comic-like box world scene from Giotto Pongo modelling paste. The scenes unfolding in different boxes form a collaborative artwork that reflects young people’s understanding of today’s world. Read more

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“A WILL TO BE FREE. 90 Years of the Republic of Estonia” in Maarjamäe Palace

A WILL TO BE FREE. 90 Years of the Republic of Estonia. Photo. Vahur Lõhmus

A ticket to Eksperimenta! Maarjamäe Palace expositions also grants admission to the exhibition of the Estonian History Museum “A Will to Be Free. 90 Years of the Republic of Estonia”, the largest museum exposition dealing with the history of the Republic of Estonia.

The exhibition covering the first floor of Maarjamäe Palace gives an overview of Estonian history from 1917 up to the pivotal events in late 1980s and early 1990s. The 20th century is the century of freedom for Estonia. Also the overall theme of the exposition is the idea of freedom – on both state and personal level. The possibility and impossibility, endurance and transformation of the will to be free throughout the 20th century up to the present day is an issue that concerns each one of us. Read more

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Vote for your favourite artist or expo video on Eksperimenta! Facebook page!

On Eksperimenta! Facebook page www.facebook.com/Eksperimenta a video competition is held starting from 22 April to select the audience favourite of the E! triennial. Video clips created by young artists will be posted on the Facebook Wall, introducing the exhibit, the national expo or the working process. Read more

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E! opening week and opening ceremony

Press days 26.–27.04
A press corner with Internet access and printing facilities is open at the Song Festival Grounds.

E! preview day 26.04

16:00 – 16:30 Opening of the South-Korean exposition
Video-performance introducing a traditional Korean ritual

Read more

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Spring weather in Tallinn

Liverwort. Photo: Anneli Tandorf

We’re having a fascinating time in the nature at the moment, all four seasons are on display at the same time – autumn grass has melted out from under the snow, while there are still enormous heaps of snow under trees, springtime buds are burgeoning on trees, and warm summer sun is shining up in the sky. Read more

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