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Eksperimenta! director Annely Köster: Three years ago we made history!

Annely Köster. Photo: Maiken Staak

Exactly three years ago on 27th April 2011 we opened the first Eksperimenta! that presented artworks by 14 – 19 year old students on the topic “Space”. After the successful launch as a highlight of the European Capital of Culture programme in 2011 (with 844 participants from 13 countries and more than 18 000 visitors) E! has set its aims high – to become the most acknowledged contemporary art event of the youth in the whole world. Read more

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Hedi Vaikjärv: Somewhere are the elementary particles that are the beginning of everything

Hedi Vaikjärv

Eksperimenta! can only take place thanks to a meaningful international cooperation with our partners and supporters. In each Newsletter we would like to present a person who is contributing to the growth and development of youth art. Today Hedi Vaikjärv of the family business Vunder talks about art and life. Read more

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Eksperimenta! – Youth art’s navel of the world

Joonmeedia.ee team (Siiri Taimla and Tanel Rannala will keep an eye on Eksperimenta! preparations. The first video focuses on the Eksperimenta! geography and the ambitious story it could tell us.

YouTube Preview Image
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German exposition

Sketch of the German exposition. Clarissa Hausinger

Three years after the first Eksperimenta!, IMAL will again exhibit at the second Eksperimenta! and will curate the German exhibition space.

About 30 participants of IMAL (International Munich Art Lab) are working on the theme “Art & Science”. Within the topic of art & science the focus of their work is “currents” in society, humanities and natural science.
Read more

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Portuguese exposition

Seminar "Art & Science"

The Portuguese visual art teachers association APECV launched in November 2013 a national contest to involve teachers and students in the Eksperimenta! 2014 “Art & Science”. The contest called for proposals to make artworks under the topic “Art & Science” stressing out deep reflection about the place and roles of arts and sciences in the near future with a special focus on interdisciplinary projects that will convey a reflection about the links between arts and science facing the challenging issues of our society – our humanity and our sustainability through the lens of ethics and aesthetics in between the spaces of arts and science. Read more

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Eduko IDEAlaboratory. Open Call

A reflection of the presentation of the main presenter of IDEAlab 2011 Sir Ken Robinson. Joonmeedia.ee

As part of Eksperimenta! Eduko IDEAlaboratory for integrating contemporary art and education will take place from 24th to 25th October 2014 bringing together education experts, teachers, researches, artists and students. We are looking for intriguing and inspiring presentations / workshops, which would lead to a better understanding of the essence of contemporary art and would contribute to integrating / translating contemporary art into the art teaching process. The length of presentations is 45 minutes, workshops 60 minutes. For teachers we have reserved a session of short presentations (up to 20 minutes) on both days to present best practices. Read more

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Drawing commentary to art work

Drawing commentaries in 2011.a. Eksperimental!

Drawing commentary to art work is a way to express one’s opinion about art work through drawing.
 It is a sketchy drawing on note paper, drawn by different authors. Drawings allow to 
share ideas and evoke discussions about the art works, which were commented. The sketches may be added next to the art
work at the exhibition. This allows the visitors to see other peoples’ opinions about the exhibition. Find out more about drawing commentaries at the 2011 Eksperimenta! here.

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