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How to teach and assess arts? Find out at Eksperimenta! and IDEAlaboratory!

Reflection to the presentation of Tomaz Zupancic in IDEAlaboratory 2011. Joonmeedia

The international youth contemporary art triennial Eksperimenta! returns to Tallinn for the second time to explore the topic of Art and Science from 23rd October to 23rd November. Together with the opening of the exhibition the Eksperimenta! team invites education and art professionals to the IDEAlaboratory to explore the Art of Teaching and Art of Assessment on 24th and 25th October.

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Eksperimenta! was looking for an Riga’s average person

Boys writing research answers. Photo: Jane Remm

From 4th to 5th of June representatives of Eksperimenta! Annely Köster and Jane Remm introduced to Latvian young people how to conduct a creative sociological research. The topic of the Riga workshop was „An average person“, it was organized by art centre „Tris krasas“. Read more

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VOIMA newspaper writes about Eksperimenta!



Finnish newspaper VOIMA visited Sally Stuudio and interviewed the Eksperimenta! team. Read the article here.

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The Rapidian: Elizabeth Goes to Eksperimenta!

Photo: Elisabeth Goddard

Photo: Elizabeth Goddard

If anyone had suggested a year ago to Elizabeth Goddard, Education Director at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA) that she’d be presenting at an arts conference in Estonia, she would have said, “Yeah, right.” And then, like the rest of us, she would have gone to Google maps and figured out where Estonia is.

But that’s what happened. Last fall, Elizabeth came across information about Eksperimenta! (E!) – a triennial multi-level international art education project. E! brings art education out from school walls with three unique components: 1) a contemporary art exhibition; 2) IDEAlaboratory – an education conference; and 3) a network of art schools and art centers.

Located in the halls at the famous Song Festival grounds, where the Estonian Singing Revolution took place 20 years ago, E! represents a similar breakthrough, this time through education.

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Canada Views: Canadian Youths’ Artworks Selected for European Exhibition


Works of art created by Canadian high school students have been selected for Eksperimenta!, first of its kind international conference and Triennial Art Exhibition that will celebrate secondary school visual art and contemporary art education. It is estimated that 100,000 people will attend the events occurring from April through June 2011 in Europe. Eksperimenta! will be held in Tallinn, Estonia-the “Culture Capital of Europe.” It is modeled after the Venice Biennale, arguably the most prestigious contemporary art exhibition in the world. Canada’s participation in this event is made possible by Drs. Joanna Black (University of Manitoba, Faculty of Education) and Miriam Cooley (University of Alberta) who are co-curating Canadian student digital artworks.

The unique art show is slated to showcase contemporary student art from Canada, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, South Korea, Iceland and Ireland. Notably, Canada is the only country from the Americas that is participating in this prestigious event, demonstrating the significance of Canada’s art educators with regard to art and art education.

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Annely Köster in Sirp: “Eksperimenta! – to who and why?”

Eksperimenta! director Annely Köster introduces Eksperimenta! in Estonian cultural weekly Sirp.

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Annely Köster in Creative Estonia: Why is it important to teach creativty to young people

Eksperimenta! director Annely Köster talked to Creative Estonia about the importance of teaching creativity to young people.

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IDEAlaboratory’s presentations and workshops are now selected

IDEAlaboratory’s Call for Papers received 40 abstracts from art researchers and practicioners from all over the world. The aim of collecting IDEAlaboratory’s abstracts is to find inspiring ideas and experiences, which would lead to a better understanding of the essence of contemporary art and would contribute to integrating/translating contemporary art into the art teaching process.

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IDEAlaboratory. Contemporary approaches in art education

From 20th – 22nd of September the first workshop of the project “IDEAlaboratory: how to integrate contemporary art and art education”, titled as “Contemporary approaches in art education” took place in Riga, Latvia. 20 participants from seven partner schools in Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Portugal participated at the meeting. Read more

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A project „IDEAlaboratory: how to integrate contemporary art and art education“ will start in the framework of Eksperimenta!

In August 2010 a project „IDEAlaboratory: how to integrate contemporary art and art education“ is launched in the framework of Eksperimenta!“. Seven Eksperimenta! partner schools from Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Portugal will take part of the project: Sally Stuudio, Children Art School of Tartu, Janis Rozentals Riga Art High School, Vantaa Art School, Sara Hildén-Academy, Viriato High School, Alves Martins High School. The project is financed by the EACEA Comenius programme.

The aim of the project „IDEAlaboratory“ is to create an open and sustainable platform for learning and exchanging ideas and the best practices in art education. Bringing the hot topics of contemporary art into school lessons, developing up-to-date art curricula and methodology of art education are among the issues to be discussed.

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Estonian exposition experiments with an open concept

The competition to find the curatorial concept for Eksperimenta! Estonian exposition was won by long-term curator, critic, artist and art educator Mari Kartau. Her concept proposes that school students all over Estonia will at first generate the idea of the exhibition and afterwards art work based on the the idea will be created.

The aim is to inspire about 700 school students in the age of 14 – 19 all over Estonia to cogitate and create art work, which would, in the language of contemporary art, touch local and international visitors of the triennial.

Member of the jury, art theorist Heie Treier, brought out, that the main idea of Mari Kartau is to rely on the grass root level, to regard young people as subjects not the objects of expectations, prejudices and ideas of older generation. Mari Kartau herself reasons her decision as follows: “If we – the participant of this competition – mainly middle-aged art figures and art teachers, exhausted by social and personal cataclysm, would write the concept, then the result would probably be unintelligible rhetoric for young people or cheap populism which underestimates the target group.”

Annely Köster
[email protected]

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Eurydice report explores the state of arts education in the EU

Source: Eurydice

The European Commission has released a study which gives a detailed picture of the aims and objectives of arts education, its organisation, the provision of extra-curricular activities as well as initiatives for the development of such education at school. It includes information on pupil assessment and teacher education in the arts.

Arts and Cultural Education at School in Europe, which is based on the work of the Eurydice network, was produced by the Commission in the context of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation. It covers full time compulsory education in 30 European countries (EU Member States, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

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