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Eksperimenta! 2014 Announces Change of Triennial Venue

St. Catherine’s Church inside. Photo: Hopner House

Plans for the E! 2014 have gone back to the drawing board as Tallinn Creative Hub has cancelled all productions till end of 2014.

The new triennial venue in the historic heart of Tallinn offers an intriguing contrast between the environment from the 14th century and contemporary youth art. It also requires a partial change of the curatorial concept – the exposition will be one large exhibition where the exhibitions of different countries partially blend and the works of young artists from different countries start a dialogue. The triennial takes place in two medieval buildings: in the former St. Catherine’s church and in the typical medieval merchant house Hopner House (diele, dörnse and yard). Read more

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Eduko IDEAlaboratory Is Looking for Participants

Reflection on the presentation of Alison Cronin, in IDEAlab 2011. Joonmeedia

Eduko IDEAlaboratory conference on art of education and art of assessment in creative subjects takes place from 24th to 25th October as part of Eksperimenta! 2014. Presentations and workshops will be held with Estonian-English simultaneous translation and present experiences from Brazil to Portugal and Russia covering a wide area from theoretical questions of contemporary art education to practical workshops. We want to find out:

• If and how can art be taught?
• How to create a creative space that supports free expression, responsibility and learning?
• Is assessment in creative subjects necessary? Based on what and how to assess creative work?
• How to change the world in art and through art?
• How to build a bridge between the value and assessment practice of school and contemporary art world?
Read more

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How the Art Works of Eksperimenta! Are Born?

Joonmeedia.ee team (Siiri Taimla and Tanel Rannala) will keep an eye on Eksperimenta! preparations. The third video is taking a glance at the birth of Eksperimenta! art works.

YouTube Preview Image
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The Canadian Exhibition: Explorations with Modernity and Science!

Logan Pasishnik

Canada is excitedly preparing for Eksperimenta! 2014. Having participated in the original Eksperimenta! 2011 the Canadian curators are looking forward to hosting the new Canadian exhibition in Tallinn! Three co-curators, Peter Vietgen, Ann Donald and Joanna Black who are located in the eastern, western and central parts of Canada respectively, are working with teachers from coast to coast. With a population over 35 million and having 3,855,103 square miles this is no small feat. The Canadian exhibition is hosted by our national art education organization, “The Canadian Society for Education through Art” (CSEA) which represents art educators across Canada. Founded in Quebec City in 1955, the CSEA is a non-profit organization that for over half a century has brought together visual art educators, gallery educators, and others with similar interests and concerns.
Read more

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Russian Exhibition “Art and Semiotics”

The installation with a chair. Photo: Roksana Trofimova

The centre of creative development and humanitarian education “Na Vasilyevskom” will for the second time curate the Russian exhibition at the international youth contemporary art triennial Eksperimenta! 2014 “Art & Science“ in Tallinn. At the end of May the second triennial of contemporary art for young people in Russia ended with the exhibition “Art & Science. Art and Semiotics”.

Preparing for the creation of arts, we’ve said that art has its own artistic language and due to it submits to the laws of semiotics – the science of signs.
Read more

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Eduko Presents IDEAlaboratory

Tiina Anspal

Eduko has brought together the teacher educators from different Estonian universities and made big steps to educate great teachers for Estonian children.
Tiina Anspal, head of the programme told Annely Köster about Eduko and great school. Read more

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Art Action “Know your limit”

Art action

In 2010 Janis Rozentals Riga Art Highschool conducted an art action which suits well to remind in summertime, especially around St John’s Day. Students in collaboration wiht super market chain Maxima and Riga Traffice Police drew caricatures dedicated to the problem of alcohol abuse. Read more

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