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The international triennial jury gave out three official awards which accord to the mission and aim of Eksperimenta!.

The categories and winners

1.The most promising young artist:

“Stop Motion Animation” authors: Donacha Foley, Aodhagan Murphy, Niall Cooper, Tracy Dalton, Jake Casey, Feibhár Baldwin-Wall, Eanna Brennan, Stephen O’Connor, James McGrath, Joe Carroll. Ireland.

2.The most interesting curatorial work:

Nina Ostan, Slovenia

3.The best integrated contemporary art and art education:

Finnish exposition, curator Juha Saari

4. Special mention:

Cagla Sozen “Detail”, Turkey

5. Audience award (on-site and Facebook online voting):

Dunya Aydos “Pedigree”, Turkey

Members of jury:

1) Sirje Helme, Director of Art Museum of Estonia

2) Anu Hietala, The Finnish Association of Art Schools for Children and Young People; representative of Arts4All

3) Estêvão da Fontoura Haeser, Head of Educational Programme of Mercosul Biennial, Brazil

4) Tatyana Selivanova, Ph.D, «Art Education» editor, Institute of Art Education of the Russian State Academy of Education