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Maike Hautz. Untitled. Photo: Cornelia Kotto

The main topic of the 2014 Eksperimenta! triennial is “Art & Science”. The triennial will integrate different fields of sciences and contemporary art and will offer a cooperation platform for artists, curators, scientists, art educators and young people. The topic “Art & Science” will guide the partners to develop new methods for integrating arts and sciences, to foster the exchange and collaborative learning.

The main part of the triennial will consist of national exhibitions, each of them focusing on a field of science (for example “Art & Ecology”, “Art & Sociology” etc). The exhibitions will be organised by the national partners and curators, selected by the partners. The topic “Art & Science” will be narrowed in each country depending on local interests. Exhibitions will include contemporary art work from young artists in the age of 14 – 19.