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Cross-border exhibition

Preparations. Photo: Annely Köster

During E! 2014 a cross-border project and exhibition “Art and democracy: that’s what I think!“ took place. Young people from four countries: Estonia, Finland, Germany and Slovenia researched significant social topics and created group art work based on these topics. The art work were  exhibited at the E! cross-border exhibition in Hopner’s House.

Preparational work (May – October) took place simultaneously in partner countries. Research areas were divided into three topics: 1) freedom of speech, 2) employment, 3) diversity.

Main activities (October – November 2014) included a five-day long workshop in Tallinn, in 18th – 22st of October 2014.The first two days of the workshop were dedicated to research and conceptualizing the topic, and the last three days for artistic expression. Each of the international work groups was supported by a social science mentor and an art mentor.

The art work was exhibited at Eksperimenta! cross-border exhibition in Hopner’s House. The art work were analysed and reflected by art and art education experts during the Eksperimenta!IDEAlaboratory conference.

The E! cross-border project was supported by Tallinn city Peaceful Home program, Tallinn Sport and Youth Department and The Gambling Tax Council.