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d-atelier logoD-Atelier founded in Ankara on May 1999. The mission of the D-Atelier is to prepare children and young people for creative and cooperative future. Building cultural bridges, growing peace between children and young people from all over the world by using art language.

What we do:
One of the important goal of D-Atelier is bringing artists, art educators, cultural managers together to discuss cultural problems, methods to use in art for building links between children from all over the word. For this aim D-Atelier collaborates with universities child development, creativity and fine art departments.

Workshop & Seminar Programs for Art Educators
Organize seminar programs in national basis to co-operate school teachers from pre-school to high school level.

Child Art Gallery
Organize national and international Child Art Exhibitions.

Projects & Workshops
Directly in the field D-Atelier organize art workshops for children and young people. Behind local and national projects, D-Atelier works together with international child art organizations. Take part international projects. Build strong cultural ties between children by art.

D-Atelier is a member of Eksperimenta! international network and the coordinator of the Turkish exposition of Eksperimenta! 2011.

Contact information:
Post address: Yukan Dikmen Mah. 671. Sok. No 3/1, 06550 Yildiz-Cankaya, Ankara-Turkey
Telephone: +90 312 468 13 20+90 312 468 13 20
E-Mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.datelier.net