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Drawing Out

This project was conducted with students from Alves Martins School in Viseu (ages 16-18 y.o.)
in the Drawing class and outside the school. The topic was: ‘No Women, no Peace’, including issues of Violence against Women and solidarity towards Afghan women movement to obtain voting rights.

2011 / Teresa Torres de Eça, Tamara Melchor, 12ºN students from Alves Martins High School

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The topic was launched by a local activist organisation: The Association Adamastor in Viseu.
And the end product was a collective event in the main square of the city in the 25 November 2011. Teachers, students, artists, young European volunteers, the local women movement and other organisations were invited to participate.

In the context of the drawing class students made a search about the topic and discuss the issue, after what they drew human figures in violent poses (victims and aggressors). Eight students volunteered to participate in the celebrations of the 25 November, and they helped to draw a collective panel in the main square of the city. One week later they went alone to the market place and made graffiti to make people more aware.

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