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Eksperimenta! audience prize was given to a young artist from Turkey

Dunya Aydos "Pedigree"

Dunya Aydos "Pedigree"

The Contemporary Art Triennial for School Students Eksperimenta! ended with announcing the winner of the audience prize which was given to video artwork “Pedigree” in the Turkish exposition. The triennial audience could vote for their favourite artist/artwork on Eksperimenta! Facebook page or by posting their vote into the voting box at the exhibition. Altogether 830 audience votes were given, the winning work gathered 202 votes.

In her video, 14-year-old author Dunya Aydos, whose work was chosen best by the audience out of 400 artworks at the triennial, depicts the common genetic and cultural descendence of all humans. “Nothing has been lost in space, things only change their shape. Genetic material taken from our grandparents goes through variation and reproduction upon its transfer to the future generation. According to the idea of all humans and living beings descending from common evolutionary ancestors, all humans and all living beings are members of a whole, and all connected, all of us are members of the large family. Many common words and names in the Estonian and Turkish language provide evidence for memories of living together. By using the same words and names, both countries, Estonia and Turkey, transfer a new life and cultural togetherness to the future,” the author describes in the concept of her artwork.

View the “Pedigree” video on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR220SQAqj8

Eksperimenta! is the biggest international youth contemporay art event taking place in Estonia, which gives young people the opportunity to present their artwork at an international triennial. The first Eksperimenta! exhibition took place as part of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 programme at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and in Maarjamäe Palace from April 27 – June 14 2011 and presented contemporary art on the topic “Space” by young artists from 13 countries. The national expositions, which were curated by professional curators, were visited by more than 13 000 visitors during the 50 days of the triennial.

The next Eksperimenta! will also take place in Tallinn, in the year 2014.

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