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Eksperimenta! CAFÉ awaits visitors at the Song Festival Grounds

E! Cafe offers sweet delights. Photo: Lauri Laan

During Eksperimenta!, a triennial café is open at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. To counterbalance the plentiful intellectual nourishment, Eksperimenta! CAFÉ offers convenient meals of trendy yet locally flavoured sandwiches and salads, alluring cakes and refreshing smoothies and ice cream cocktails.

The interior design of the café is based on two starting points – impermanence and the over-arching space concept of the triennial. The café achieves the economy resulting from the impermanence thanks to vintage furniture rented for the opening period of the cafe from various retro furniture shops in Tallinn. The eclecticism of the interior design carries with it the basic idea that draws people to practice, explore and experience art. In Eksperimenta! CAFÉ everybody is free to choose a chair or a table to their taste. Everybody is free to do what they like… to be themselves.

Eksperimenta! CAFÉ is a cosy and a luminous place to see and be seen.


Sandwiches and paninis €3.5 – 3.9
Salads €3.5 – 3.9
Desserts €3.5 – 3.9
Smoothies €3
Ice cream cocktails €3.2

A selection of wines and refreshing sangrias are also available at the cafe.

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