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Eksperimenta! director Annely Köster: Art makes you better!

Annely Köster. Photo: Stanislav Moshkov

How and when did the idea for E! come about?

In Sally Stuudio Art School we have a so-called “drawer of ideas”. The idea to launch an international contemporary art triennial for school students was first recorded there in September 2002. That is to say, it took over 9.5 years for the idea to materialize, and of course both the concept and the organization have matured in the meantime. However, the objective of Eksperimenta! – to broaden the scope of contemporary art and provide a motivating opportunity for young people to test their creativity in the language of contemporary art – is still topical. Read more

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This year Europe‘s best stories will be told in Tallinn

YouTube Preview Image
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Estonian exposition

Diana Kull

Selection of artworks
About a hundred works were submitted to the first, nation-wide round of the Estonian expo competition. 36 were selected for the second round, during which the works were further developed both individually and in workshops supervised by artists. 26 young people made it to the third round and the works of five authors were admitted straight to the E! triennial exhibition.

With the enhancement of the rest of the works, the number of final candidates has by now decreased to 16 young authors, whose works will likely be exhibited either in the E! Estonian expo or in the accompanying programme (videos and performances). Read more

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Latvian exposition

Latvian participants

“We want people to smile much more”

The competition for participating at Eksperimenta! was announced in August 2010 by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia, asking young authors – students of Latvian art schools – to prepare ideas, not finished artworks. In October 2010, 18 bright ideas for artworks were selected by the jury.

The theme of the idea competition for the Latvian exposition was “My Space of Thoughts, Ideas and Relations – Closed? Active? Provocative?”. Young artists were asked to explore and visualize their relations with the society and the surrounding world. Read more

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Portuguese exposition

Ana Figueira. People, space and time

The concept of the exhibition focuses on the visions of time in the space of young artists’ creation. Time and space are dimensions of the reality traditionally separated by the Newtonian concept of science, which has been revised in the past century. For us, time is non-linear and space is discontinuous. Time and space overlap, especially in a society characterized by virtual spaces, speed and travelling. The notions of distance, territory and frontiers interact in the possible ubiquity of fragmentation. In our world, observations about the reality are observer-dependent, which implies a certain degree of subjectivity; the notions of space are permeated by time in the gaze of the explorer.

Read more

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The Capital of Culture welcomes young people from all over Estonia

Madli-Liis Parts. Photo: Meeli Küttim

Tallinn holds the title of the European Capital of Culture this year. We spoke to Madli-Liis Parts, the programme coordinator of Tallinn 2011, about the youth projects that are going to take place in the Capital of Culture throughout the year.

What are your responsibilities in the Tallinn 2011 team?

I am one of the six programme curators responsible for compiling the programme for the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 in cooperation with Estonian cultural managers. Thanks to the active culture producers, our programme comprises 7000 events. My areas of responsibility are sport, folk culture, youth, education. Read more

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What’s new on E! web site: Best teaching practices

Read me! by Sally Stuudio

A web platform for sharing the best experiences and well-succeeded practices in contemporary art education is now opened on Eksperimenta! website under IDEAlaboratory. The practices are divided into the following categories: design and applied art, installation, painting and drawing, photo and video, performance art, sculpture and object, work process and other. Practices can be selected by the age group of the students and/or by the native language of the submitter. All practices can also be read in English. Read more

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What’s new on E! web site: School excursions

Mariana Santos, Melodie & Marta Almeida

We invite school students and teachers from Europe and elsewhere to Eksperimenta! exhibitions. An information package is available under School excursions, providing helpful tips for organizing the school excursions in late spring. The information letter contains instructions for traveling to Estonia and Tallinn, as well as pointers for accommodation, places to eat and events in the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 programme.

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Photo: Toomas Tuul

Where to stay in Tallinn?
Here are some suggestions for accommodation for school excursions visiting Tallinn: Tallink Express Hotel is located in the harbour district and the Tallink City Hotel is located in the city centre.Please contact us for the Eksperimenta! discount code, which you can use for booking accommodation in the Tallink Hotels. The discount price per room is €30 in Tallink Express Hotel and €45 in the Tallink City Hotel. Read more

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Places still available in IDEAlaboratory workshops

Photo: Annely Köster

We invite all 14-19-year-old school students as well as teachers from all over Estonia to participate in the interactive IDEAlaboratory art and education programme.

The international IDEAlaboratory workshops and seminars will take place during the opening week of Eksperimenta!, from April 28 to April 30, at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. In the course of three days, three subjects will be covered: The Art of Thinking, The Art of Looking, and The Art of Creating. The working language is English. Read more

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