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Children Art School of Tartu

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Children Art School of Tartu, founded in 1957, is the oldest art school for children in Estonia. The school is financed by municipal government. Approximately 260 pupils study under the guidance of 20 teachers. The school has a library and an art gallery.

The idea of the school is not to educate professional artists. The process of learning is considered more valuable than the outcome. The basic idea of studying in Children Art School of Tartu is to foster pupils´ visual literacy, critical thinking and creativity to understand and handle the visual environment in contemporary world. The other important aim of our school is to give a primary education in art. All classical art subjects like drawing, painting, composition and sculpture are taught here. The skills in these subjects serve as a good basis for expressing themselves through different art mediums. Children Art School is primary focused on teaching children between 11-15. The main subjects are drawing, painting, composition, sculpture and art history. The first and second grades have also a course of creativity. The 5th grade has several elective courses like computer graphics, design, performance, ceramics, photography. A week of summer practice is also included in the curriculum.

Children come to the art school after their lessons in secondary school. 10-13 lessons are held in three days every week; each lesson lasts 40 minutes. For those, younger or older than 11-15 years, special classes have been formed: preparatory class for youngsters of 7-10 years and for youngsters of 15-19 years. Adults and children still younger than 7 years can study at free classes, fully funded by students or their parents. The courses in drawing, painting, composition, graphics, ceramics for adults are taking place in the Children Art Shool.

Organising several exhibitions and art events helps to introduce our school and bring art closer to citizens and visitors of Tartu.

Children Art School of Tartu is a member of the Eksperimenta! Estonian and international network and participant in the Comenius project „IDEAlaboratory: how to integrate contemporary art and art education“.

Contact information
Post address: Tiigi 61, 50410 Tartu, Estonia
Telephone: +372 7361575
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.lkk.tartu.ee/