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Sara Hildén – academy


Sara Hildén - academy was founded 1982 and is owned by Tampere city. The school gives basic education in visual arts for children and young people aged 7 - 19 years.

Basic art education in Finland means extracurricular tuition in various forms of arts aimed mainly for children and young people. The legal provision for this kind of education has been made under the Act on Basic Education in the Arts 1988.

The National Board of Education in Finland has determined the aims and core curriculum of each art form.
The curriculum in Sara Hildén –academy is based on those guidelines. The tuition in our school is divided in two sections: basic training for 7-12 year olds and advanced or workshop training for over-twelves. Our workshops are: drawing. painting, ceramics, sculpture, textile, graphics, photography, video, digital image processing, architecture and cartoon. Classes are held once a week, spanning 2-3 hours. We also have a special curriculum for adults over 19 years.

We have 420 pupils aged 7 - 19 and 50 adults. In our school we have four full-time visual art teachers. We have also artists, architects and other visual art professionals working as teachers some hours a week. Besides this basic art education we organise workshops for school classes and groups from nurseries. Those groups participate in workshops in our school after their preparatory visit in art museum or art exhibition.

In our school the method of teaching is a mixture of training skills and supporting individual thinking. We also mix images and examples of art history and contemporary popular art and the media world of youngsters. Pupils self-expression is always a part of their artworks.

Sara Hildén - academy is a member of the Eksperimenta! international network and participant in the Comenius project “IDEAlaboratory: how to integrate contemporary art and art education”.

Contact information:
Post address: Ilmarinkatu 17, 33500 Tampere, Finland
Telephone: +358 3255 9237
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.tampere.fi/sarahildenakatemia