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Vantaa Art School for Children and Young People

pystylogo 5cmVantaa Art School for children was founded in 1982, having  860 students and 16 teachers in 2009. The school is run under the administration of the city of Vantaa but is also granted by the Ministry of Education.

The curriculum is based on the National core curriculum of Basic Education in the Arts.

The students of Vantaa Art School are from 5 to 20 years of age. They attend the art school in their free time once a week. The school operates in seven different parts of Vantaa. The classes take place in the afternoons and evenings, the size of a group being 10 - 13 pupils. The school offers an extensive visual art curriculum taught by trained art teachers, artists, designers, architects and other visual arts professionals. The school has semester tuitions from 116 - 236 euros.

The studies consist of three main phases:

  • introductory studies, age 5 - 6 years, 68 hours a year,
  • basic, intermediate studies, age 7 - 12 years, 68 - 102 hours a year,
  • advanced studies in different workshops, age 13 - 20, 102 - 136 hours a year.

Workshops in the advanced studies are chosen at least for one year. There are following workshops in 2009 - 2010: painting, graphics, ceramics, textile art, comic strips, digital imaging, photography, moviemaking and animation, architecture and a combined workshop of dance studies and visual studies.

According to the national core curriculum, after 12 - 13 years of the studies, the student can make a voluntary diploma work, which consists of the works of art, a portfolio including a written part and a diary of the process. The extent of the diploma is considered to be about 160 hours. The diploma work is evaluated by two evaluators in writing and by marks from 1 - 5. Studies in the art schools without a diploma work are also highly appreciated and the certification is given on all studies the students have attended.

Vantaa Art School also organises “open to all” short courses for children and families for fee throughout the year.

Vantaa Art School for Children and Young People is a member of the Eksperimenta! international network and participant in the Comenius project “IDEAlaboratory: how to integrate contemporary art and art education”.