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Viriato High School

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Escola Secundária de Viriato (Viriato High School), founded in October of 1985, is one of the 3 public high schools in Viseu, Portugal and it is situated in the border of the city.

Besides the regular teaching of the 3rd scientific cycle of the basic teaching, courses such as the Humanities, Technological and Professional courses, classes of Alternative Curricular Studies (PCA), courses of academic education and training (CEF) and courses of education and training of adults (EFA) are all part of the academic/training offer of the school.

In the academic year 2008/2009, 1005 pupils attended to the school courses were distributed by the following : 250 in Compulsory Education (3rd cycle); 529 in Secondary Education (in which about 80 pupils in Visual Arts / Drawing – 1 class for each of one of the 3 years of secondary education); 137 in Professional and Technological Education (Sports, Marketing, Social Service, Laboratory Technician, Socio-cultural Monitor, IT Technician, Tourism); 58 in CEF courses (Advertizing Technician, Civil Locksmith and Community and Family Support) and 31 in EFA courses. Thus, the biggest percentage of pupils (68%) attended to Secondary Education courses.

In Scientific-Humanistic Courses of Secondary Education pupils are led to continue studies at a higher level, at university or at polytechnic schools; these are three years courses (10th, 11th and 12th years) and pupils attend to School from the age of 15 to 18. In Viriato´s High School, courses such as Sciences and Technologies, Languages and Humanities, as well as Visual Arts have been running following the four possible types.

Pupils of Visual Arts are so few in the set of the School, although they call attention to his presence, or in several exhibitions (in the School and in other places in the city), or with certain initiatives, or even in art interventions at the school facilities.

The School board, in 2008/2009, was formed by 134 teachers: 37 from the Natural Sciences Curricular Department, 29 from the Curricular Department of Languages, 31 from the Human and Social Studies Curricular Department and 37 from the Curricular Department of Arts and Crafts and Technologies (in which 5 from the Art Department).

Escola Secundária de Viriato is a member of the Eksperimenta! international network and participant in the Comenius project “IDEAlaboratory: how to integrate contemporary art and art education”.