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africamor_logoAfricamor is a Youth non-profit organization founded in 13th April 2007, with approximately 50 associates and several partners for social and cultural activities (non-profit, institutional and private organizations, single entrepreneurs, artists, art producers and promoters).

It´s mainly purpose is to be a cultural provider for unknown artists (musicians, visual and performance artists, technological investigators, writers) and a social promoter of African communities in Portugal, using art for education and self confidence, behaviour changes purposes, citizenship and European integration among young people with fewer opportunities, immigrants and excluded.

Since its beginning, several art forms have taken place in its activities – music, dance, performance – receiving young peoples projects and linking them to the world of arts. The participation in cultural projects with social impact is its main goal, with partners from different countries: Spain, Germany, Brazil, Capo Verde, Angola. Workshops (African music and dance, Brazilian music and dance, art therapy, recycling arts), exhibitions (photography), literature (writers and journalists discussing social and cultural issues, participation in magazine news), design (media and marketing in the Internet – web pages, publicity, flyers and posters), performances in the street and show rooms (Marchas Populares, Arruadas com Tambores, Brazilian Carnival, etc), meetings (environmental issues concerning Africa and Europe.e.g. bio-fuel) are always connected with African/Afro descendant population in Portugal and in the world, promoting the participation of young people from fragile environments and promoting their contribution to Portuguese and European culture and their self enrichment.

Africamor is a member of Eksperimenta! international network and together with APECV the coordinator of the Portuguese exposition of Eksperimenta! 2011.

Contact information:
Post address: R Eng.º Maciel Chaves 8, 1900-225 Lisboa
Telephone: +351 96350 5649
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.africamor.com