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Elva Gymnasium

Elva Gymnasium, which was founded in 1913, is a general secondary school with 81 teachers and 808 students.

Elva Gymnasium has two buildings: forms 1-6 study in the old building and forms 7-12- in the new building. Our school has got fully equipped art and handicraft classrooms; also, there are classes for technological studies, welding, blacksmithing and weaving. Besides that, we have a ceramics class and three computer classes. The teachers of Elva Gymnasium are highly qualified and creative specialists who are constantly developing their professional skills. Also, all students who are willing to develop their creative skills, have an opportunity to participate both in the hobby groups at Elva Gymnasium and those at the culture centre Sinilind, where they can take part in a wide range of activities, including photography, electronics, design, applied arts, art and handicraft hobby groups.
Helle Saue, an art teacher and an active member of the Estonian branch of Eksperimenta network, has been working as an art teacher for 30 years. During these years, a great number of our former students have become professional artists with their own creative style. Elva Gymnasium has been delighted to host the exhibitions of our alumni, the biggest of which took place in 2005. In addition, our former students often participate in the workshops and events during the annual art month in the town of Elva. So, several exhibitions have been held in the library of Elva Secondary school. Besides that, exhibitions of the students works created during the current year have been held in the entrance hall of the schoolhouse. In close cooperation with the culture centre Sinilind our school participates in the organisation of the annual art month in Elva, which has taken place since 2004. Besides admiring the local exhibitions, our students are frequent visitors to varied art exhibitions in Tartu and Tallinn. During these visits, we have tried to discover and to better get acquainted with the latest achievements in the field of art. In addition to that, Helle Saue has often given lectures on her own exprerience and skills acquired at the numerous schooling events. Also, her students have participated in different international projects, including the latest project with French and Polish schools - „Contemporary art and me“, which is currently under way. The students of Elva Gymnasium have successfully participated in a row of different art competitions. Our main goal is to broaden the students’ horizons, raise their cultural awareness, develop their creative and communication skills to help them become self-confident and creative citizens of Europe, who are able to clearly express their own opinions and also be capable of accepting the ideas of the others and of giving an appropriate creative outcome as a result.