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Triennial area

The Eksperimenta! exhibition will take place from 26th of April to 14th of June 2011 in Tallinn, on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor and outdoor space of the Song Festival Grounds, on the 1st floor and in the park of the Maarjamäe Palace and in public space within the triennial area.

Public space
The main topic of the triennial “Space” supports the use of public space for creating site-specific art work which communicates with the area. The triennial area offers excellent possibilities for creating various installations and site-specific art work. The best area for public space art work is by the Pirita road and in the  seaside part of the Song Festivals Ground’s park.

Requirements for the art work in the public space:
1) the work should be weather-proof or make use of the forces of nature (wind, rain, sun)
2) the materials should be nature-friendly
3) the work should not break and should be fixed respectively
4) … or they are to be planned to break naturally
5)  passer-by, who may damage the art work, should be take into account
6) all the art work must be removed after the triennial and used are should be cleaned

Examples for possibilities of placing the work / installations
1) on the ground, grass, pavement or other surfaces
2) combined with naturals objects (for example trees) in the landscape
3) combined with artificial objects (for example attached to a post)
4) etc … according to the concept

Site plan of the public space of the triennial area and site plan of the Song Festival Ground’s outdoor area with possible exposition sites

Photos of possible exposition sites

The titles of the photos correspond to the designations on the plan. Possible exposition sites are marked with the grey area in some of the photos.

All plans and photos: Allianss Arhitektid OÜ