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Meeting of the curators of Eksperimenta! partner countries

From 7th - 9th of June the meeting of curators of Eksperimenta! partner countries took place in Tallinn, Estonia. There were delegates from 12 partner countries participating in the meeting: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Russia, Germany, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Turkey, Korea and Canada. All of the 12 countries will also be represented in Eksperimenta! triennial, in 2011.

The aim of the meeting was to create a common understanding how to reduce the gap between contemporary art and art education; to find the best solutions for curating the art of school students; to share experiences and expectations for creating the international communication plan of Eksperimenta! and to visit the future triennial area.

The three intense meeting days included introducing the visions and plans of the curators, visit to the the triennial area and selecting the exposition spaces; round table discussion “How to curate the young artists at the age of 14 – 19?”; creating the base for the international communication plan of Eksperimenta! and discussing the organisational details.

Numerous discussions and the possibility to spend three days together, created a perfect possibility to share professional experiences and understand the situation of art education and integration of contemporary art into art education in different countries. The meeting was useful for partners with various background for to understand their possibilities within the framework of Eksperimenta! and to see the role of Eksperimenta! in their everyday work with young people. As the result of the meeting the partners will continue preparatory work for Eksperimenta! national exposition
in their countries with new ideas and experiences, they will look for possibilities to include art world professionals and as many students at the age of 14 – 19 into the process and will distribute information about Eksperimenta! nationally and internationally.

The meeting of curators of Eksperimenta! partner countries was full of work and discussions. It created a strong base for sustainable collaboration between the partners which allows us to expect an intriguing and diverse triennial in 2011.

First day of the meeting, 7th of June 2010

Second day of the meeting, 8th of June 2010

A lot of thanks to all the participants!

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