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Huvitav kool

Initiative “Huvitav Kool” (interesting school) by the Ministry of Education and Research aims at reflecting to society´s expectations of school and education in order to make the learning experience interesting to students, teachers, parents as well as for educational benefactors and friends of education.

The initiative sends a clear joint message by the state and the public that going to school can and must be interesting, that developing a student’s natural curiosity is important, that school must be creative.
What makes school interesting?

An interesting school is a learning organisation that recognises different sources of motivation and by combining them creates motivation for learning, willingness and skills for lifelong learning.

An interesting school is characterised by openness and a learning process that encourages creativity and intellectual effort by offering a wide range of options and choices.

During the course of the initiative, many teachers, heads of school, students, parents and educational benefactors have put forth their visions of an interesting school as they see it.

Web: http://www.hm.ee/en/huvitav-kool