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Sir Ken Robinson: About creative revolution

Sir Ken Robinson

One of the main goals of Eksperimenta! is to initiate sustainable changes in art education, striving toward an educational system that supports the full development of each student’s natural talents. Seeking and finding people with similar ambitions, Eksperimenta! conducted an exclusive video interview in Los Angeles with an advocate of creativity and innovation, Sir Ken Robinson. The following is an excerpt of what was discussed during the video interview.

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Eksperimenta! first edition: a powerful experience!

Estevao Haeser. Photo: Marina Mayumi

In this month’s interview news, a member of Eksperimenta! international jury, Estêvão da Fontoura Haeser, recounts his impressions and experience of the opening week of the triennial:

“Eksperimenta! is an ambitious and wonderful project. To organize an exhibition on a professional level, with the participation of professional curators, to showcase the results of student projects, thereby enhancing their performance, is a very sensitive task that takes an insane amount of work! Congratulations to the girls of Sally Studio, they did an amazing job. Read more

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Youth contemporary art through the eyes of curators

Turkey Group Work. Under the Titans

It is less than a week till the opening of the triennial, and most of the artists, curators and artworks are on their way to Tallinn by planes, ships, cars, trains or couriers. This is a good moment to look back and ask the curators about how difficult or easy it was to find and select talented authors and exhibits for Eksperimenta!. The curators of four national expositions shared their experience about curating youth contemporary art: Juha Saari from Finland, Alp Gani Oral from Turkey, Joanna Black from Canada, and Ilze Kupča from Latvia. Read more

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If art does not want boundaries

Lauri Astala.

Eksperimenta! director Annely Köster (AK) invited the director of the Art Museum of Estonia Sirje Helme (SH) and the curator of Kumu Art Museum Maria-Kristiina Soomre (MKS) to join in the discussion on the visibility of contemporary art, audience success and the understanding of art. All that to better understand the position of art in Estonia and to map the situation ca one month before the opening of Eksperimenta!. Read more

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Krista Tramberg: Inspiration and improvisation at the springtime Jazzkaar

Krista Tramberg. Photo: Merli Antsmaa

From April 20 to April 30, the biggest springtime jazz party Jazzkaar 2011 will once again take the town, this year with the participation of the youngsters of Eksperimenta!. We talked to the project manager of Jazzkaar Krista Tramberg about the most notable events and exciting activities of the approaching jazz spring.

How would you characterize the spring programme of Jazzkaar in this year of the Capital of Culture? Which exciting performers and events are you going to present to the Estonian audiences during the last 11 days of April?
Thanks to the year of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011, the programme of the Jazzkaar festival is also very varied and colourful, bringing many of the world’s top musicians to Estonia, including the extraordinary star vocalist Bobby McFerrin from the USA. In addition to McFerrin, the programme of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 also includes the distinctive “Punkt” festival, which launches our 11-day jazz party; one of the world’s most renowned saxophone players David Liebman, who will also present the Jazz Awards; the European Jazz Orchestra, composed of young talents, whose concert in Estonia will be broadcast by several radio stations across Europe; and the “Urban Space Project”, bringing jazz and improvisation to the streets of Tallinn.

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Eksperimenta! director Annely Köster: Art makes you better!

Annely Köster. Photo: Stanislav Moshkov

How and when did the idea for E! come about?

In Sally Stuudio Art School we have a so-called “drawer of ideas”. The idea to launch an international contemporary art triennial for school students was first recorded there in September 2002. That is to say, it took over 9.5 years for the idea to materialize, and of course both the concept and the organization have matured in the meantime. However, the objective of Eksperimenta! – to broaden the scope of contemporary art and provide a motivating opportunity for young people to test their creativity in the language of contemporary art – is still topical. Read more

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