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Kid’s Own

Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership is a leading children’s arts organisation and publishing house in Ireland. Kids’ Own creates opportunities for children to have high quality engagement with professional artists.

Kids’ Own believes in the power of creativity and that high quality arts experiences enrich the lives of young people. Kids’ Own supports and promotes arts professionals working with children and advocates for the professionalisation of this practice.

Kids’ Own is dedicated to raising the status of children’s work as writers and artists and making it visible to a wider audience.

Kids’ Own is a non-profit children’s arts organisation and publishing house. We have a holistic approach to the creative environment, which is passionate, ambitious and determined. We value the interchange between artists and children. Our programmes are devised to build the capacity, creativity and confidence within children to enable them to deal with, and participate in an ever-changing world. Our ethos is rooted in respect for all children and in the belief that publishing has the potential to raise the status of their creative endeavours and personal self-esteem.

Kids’ Own is dedicated to bringing the arts to the lives of young people. We provide a way of working that empowers children and young people to develop their own individual creative expression through authentic arts practice. We provide opportunities for children to create their own work for themselves and others.

Contact Information:

Post address: Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership
Co. Sligo
Telephone: +353-719124945
Web: http://www.kidsown.ie