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If art does not want boundaries

Lauri Astala.

Eksperimenta! director Annely Köster (AK) invited the director of the Art Museum of Estonia Sirje Helme (SH) and the curator of Kumu Art Museum Maria-Kristiina Soomre (MKS) to join in the discussion on the visibility of contemporary art, audience success and the understanding of art. All that to better understand the position of art in Estonia and to map the situation ca one month before the opening of Eksperimenta!. Read more

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IDEAlaboratory 2011

YouTube Preview Image
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Canadian exposition

Yvonne Feng. Hardship. Canada

Canada is an officially bilingual English/French nation of immense and spectacular geography, populated by people who have immigrated from all regions of the globe. For this reason, Canada is a diverse, multicultural country. This diversity is reflected in the artworks of fifty-two young Canadians from across eastern, central, and western Canada who have created contemporary art ranging from multimedia, digital photography, and pictorial soundscapes, to video and rotoscoping. For Eksperimenta!, these young artists have explored the theme of space in a variety of uniquely Canadian ways. Read more

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German exposition

Bill Hengst. Untitled

International Munich Art Lab

The artistically gifted young people of the International Munich Art Lab (IMAL) work for one year with professional artists and take part in the whole production process from the first sketches of ideas up to a professional presentation. The aesthetic responsibility lies with these young participants. IMAL sees itself as a starting point for a career within the creative fields and focuses on a comprehensive qualification with an emphasis on regular presentation of the young artists’ work. Read more

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E! presents multimedia works in cooperation with technical partners Euronics and Avision

The multimedia solutions of Eksperimenta! 2011 are made in cooperation with the electronics chain Euronics and the presentation equipment dealer Avision. With the help of the technical partners of Eksperimenta!, spectators at the Song Festival Grounds and in Maarjamäe Palace will be able to see, hear and experience artworks in which young authors have used new media in their interpretation of the exhibition theme “Space”. Read more

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“gateways. Art and Networked Culture” brings the newest trends in media art to Kumu

Aram Bartholl. Map.

On May 13, Kumu Art Museum opens a large-scale international media art exhibition, “gateways. Art and Networked Culture”, which is organized by Kumu in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut and is part of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 programme. Read more

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How is the triennial area created?

Inga Raukas. Photo: Ahto Meri

Inga Raukas from Allianss Arhitektid shared the story of how the Eksperimenta! exhibition area is created and completed.

How were the concept and solution of the E! triennial area created?
The idea for the exhibition of the art triennial for school students was to create a backdrop for the artworks themselves that is as versatile as possible, easy to build and transform and at the same time neutral enough to make the art, rather than the design, stand out. An exhibition must also be easily viewed and comprehensible to the visitor. That is why we used various unifying and space-organizing solutions, such as the Eksperimenta! exclamation mark signs and “information posts”.
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Eksperimenta! CAFÉ awaits visitors at the Song Festival Grounds

E! Cafe offers sweet delights. Photo: Lauri Laan

During Eksperimenta!, a triennial café is open at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. To counterbalance the plentiful intellectual nourishment, Eksperimenta! CAFÉ offers convenient meals of trendy yet locally flavoured sandwiches and salads, alluring cakes and refreshing smoothies and ice cream cocktails.
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