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Eksperimenta! audience prize was given to a young artist from Turkey

Turkish exposition. Photo by: Sten Jõemets/Nikon

Eksperimenta! 2011 ended with announcing the winner of the audience prize which was given to video artwork “Pedigree” in the Turkish exposition. The triennial audience could vote for their favourite artist/artwork on Eksperimenta! Facebook page or by posting their vote into the voting box at the exhibition. Altogether 830 audience votes were given, the winning work gathered 202 votes.
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Eksperimenta! gives thanks to cooperation partners and supporters

Eksperimenta! souvenir. Photo: Juha Saari

Eksperimenta! triennial 2011 could not have happened without our cooperation partners and sponsors. We are sincerely thankful to everybody whose support, advice, effort and quick reaction helped to make a successful start with the tradition of Eksperimenta!, and we hope to continue working with you by preparing and carrying out the next triennial, taking place in 2014.
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E! left a permanent mark to Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

Marking of the Oru gates. Photo: Kerli Kehman

The artworks have now been wrapped up at the Song Festival Grounds, however…Eksperimenta! did not leave Tallinn Song Festival Grounds for good, but left a permanent mark to the gates.

Do you know, for example, where is the “Tiigi” gate of the Song Festival Grounds? Or the “Oru” gate? Even if you do, you might still get confused. So, in order for the guests to easily locate the different gates during festivals of while just walking around the Song Festival Grounds, Eksperimenta! volunteers marked the gate names with graffiti drawings.

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Listen to Eksperimenta! Radio Night University recording

Radio Night University recording. Photo: Kerli Kehman

Is art a thing in itself or a means to an end? What is good creation? How to understand and teach art? What is the role of art in the 21st century? Can creativity be learned? In the Radio Night University discussion held on 10 May at Eksperimenta! exhibition, these questions were pondered by Anneli Porri, Raoul Kurvitz and Annely Köster.

Listen to the recording here (open link in new tab to listen)

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Eksperimenta! travelling exhibition reached the seas

Tallink Superstar. Photo: Tallink

In the course of June, all passengers of Tallink’s high speed vessel Superstar have the opportunity to take a look at the projects of the artworks of Eksperimenta! Estonian exposition.

The exhibition, consisting of works by authors who made it to the final round of Eksperimenta! Estonian competition, is displayed in the atrium of deck 7 of the high speed vessel Superstar travelling between Tallinn and Helsinki. Authors’ explanations of the concepts behind their works, both in Estonian and English, have been added to each project. Read more

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An overview of the IDEAlaboratory presentations and workshops with Drawing Media documentation

Sir Ken Robinson. Drawing: Siiri Taimla / Drawing Media

The programme for integrating contemporary art and education IDEAlaboratory took place for the first time in the course of Eksperimenta! from 28 to 30 April 2011.

IDEAlaboratory consisted of presentations and workshops targeted at teachers, as well as performances that involved both teachers and students. IDEAlaboratory brought together art education experts, researchers, practitioners and school students from 15 countries all over the world. Read more

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Comenius workshop took art to urban space

Small sculptures in the Old town

The second workshop of the project “IDEAlaboratories: How to Integrate Art and Art Education” took place during Eksperimenta!, from 26 to 30 April. The project is funded by the European Commission under the Comenius sub-programme of the Lifelong Learning Programme.
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Voting for the audience favourite of Eksperimenta! is in progress

Voting box. Photo: Kerli Kehman

All visitors of Eksperimenta! are invited to participate in the awarding of the audience prize and to support their favourite work and author. There are two options:

1) write down the title of the work that most appealed to you and the name of its young author and post the card in the big black voting box on the ground floor of the Song Festival Grounds building;

2) go to Eksperimenta! Facebook page www.facebook.com/Eksperimenta, find your favourite among the young authors’ video clips uploaded on the wall, and click “Like” to cast your vote. The clips serve as introductions to the exhibition works, national expos or the creation process of the artworks.
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Eksperimenta! volunteers share their impressions

Eksperimenta! volunteers Ülle and Elisabeth. Photo: Jane Remm

The birth and continuous attendance of Eksperimenta! exhibition has been given a remarkable contribution by more than 20 volunteers, who helped the curators in setting up the national expositions, participated in conducting workshops and communicating with the press, and who are guarding the artworks and introducing the exhibition to the visitors throughout the triennial.
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Eksperimenta! invites school excursions to springtime Tallinn!

Drawing Media wall. Photo: Kerli Kehman

Eksperimenta! invites all teachers and students from all over Estonia to end the school year with an exciting and spirited excursion to Eksperimenta! exhibition and the springtime Tallinn the European Capital of Culture.

What can be done at the exhibition?

Eksperimenta! provides the opportunity to see and experience the interpretations of nearly 900 young authors from 13 countries on the triennial theme “Space”. The exhibition halls contain video installations, photographic works, paintings, drawings and sculptures, spatial installations and outdoor objects that can be experienced with all the senses – the visitors can smell, touch, listen to, look at, and even enter the artworks.
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Eksperimenta! opening week in pictures

Events of the opening week in images.

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Eksperimenta! presents youth art from all over the world

Eksperimenta! expositions at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds

The Contemporary Art Triennial for School Students Eksperimenta! is the largest and the most unique contemporary youth art event, involving more than 800 people from 13 countries. The first ever Eksperimenta! belongs to the programme of European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 and challenges young people to present their artwork at an international triennial by the game rules of professional art exhibitions.

The expositions at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and in Maarjamäe Palace take up more than 2000 square metres and showcase the works of authors from South Korea, Canada, Iceland, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Finland, Germany and Lithuania.

“Eksperimenta! is the hotbed of creativity, a free-thinking-zone of smart ideas. By organizing the exhibition, we wish to guide young people to see inspirational opportunities in both everyday and global problems, unleashing a flow of creative thinking and problem-solving. The triennial offers young people an opportunity to enter into a dialogue with the life that surrounds them, and to make their ideas visible. Young visual artists have little opportunities to do that in pre-professional level. Singers and musicians have concert performances and tours, young actors have plays, while young people involved in arts have considerably less opportunities to present their works and receive feedback. Eksperimenta! starts in Tallinn in the year of European Capital of Culture 2011, with the ambition to become the biggest youth contemporary art event in the world,“ said Annely Köster, the director of the triennial.

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Eksperimenta! Jazzpainting workshop improvises with sound and colour

JazziMaal 2009. Photo: Märten Kaldamäe

On the last day of Eksperimenta! IDEAlaboratory, 30 April between 14:30–16:00, sound and visual art will meet in the JazzPainting workshop in the Glass Hall of the Song Festival Grounds. There will be colours for eyes and ears. Artworks will be created by collaboration and improvisation. The musicians will look and the artists will listen. Read more

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IDEAlaboratory presents: Giotto ja Lyra non-stop contemporary art workshop

FILA workshop focuses on fitting into the box. Photo: Hedi Vaikjärv

Eksperimenta! IDEAlaboratory 2011 main partner FILA, with brands Giotto & LYRA, and art material supplier Vunder are conducting a special contemporary art creative workshop on 30 April from 10.00 to 14.00.

The workshop addresses pigeonholing, labelling and compartmentalization. The serious, socially critical theme lets the students express their mind. In the workshop, each participant can create a comic-like box world scene from Giotto Pongo modelling paste. The scenes unfolding in different boxes form a collaborative artwork that reflects young people’s understanding of today’s world. Read more

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“A WILL TO BE FREE. 90 Years of the Republic of Estonia” in Maarjamäe Palace

A WILL TO BE FREE. 90 Years of the Republic of Estonia. Photo. Vahur Lõhmus

A ticket to Eksperimenta! Maarjamäe Palace expositions also grants admission to the exhibition of the Estonian History Museum “A Will to Be Free. 90 Years of the Republic of Estonia”, the largest museum exposition dealing with the history of the Republic of Estonia.

The exhibition covering the first floor of Maarjamäe Palace gives an overview of Estonian history from 1917 up to the pivotal events in late 1980s and early 1990s. The 20th century is the century of freedom for Estonia. Also the overall theme of the exposition is the idea of freedom – on both state and personal level. The possibility and impossibility, endurance and transformation of the will to be free throughout the 20th century up to the present day is an issue that concerns each one of us. Read more

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Vote for your favourite artist or expo video on Eksperimenta! Facebook page!

On Eksperimenta! Facebook page www.facebook.com/Eksperimenta a video competition is held starting from 22 April to select the audience favourite of the E! triennial. Video clips created by young artists will be posted on the Facebook Wall, introducing the exhibit, the national expo or the working process. Read more

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E! presents multimedia works in cooperation with technical partners Euronics and Avision

The multimedia solutions of Eksperimenta! 2011 are made in cooperation with the electronics chain Euronics and the presentation equipment dealer Avision. With the help of the technical partners of Eksperimenta!, spectators at the Song Festival Grounds and in Maarjamäe Palace will be able to see, hear and experience artworks in which young authors have used new media in their interpretation of the exhibition theme “Space”. Read more

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“gateways. Art and Networked Culture” brings the newest trends in media art to Kumu

Aram Bartholl. Map.

On May 13, Kumu Art Museum opens a large-scale international media art exhibition, “gateways. Art and Networked Culture”, which is organized by Kumu in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut and is part of the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 programme. Read more

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How is the triennial area created?

Inga Raukas. Photo: Ahto Meri

Inga Raukas from Allianss Arhitektid shared the story of how the Eksperimenta! exhibition area is created and completed.

How were the concept and solution of the E! triennial area created?
The idea for the exhibition of the art triennial for school students was to create a backdrop for the artworks themselves that is as versatile as possible, easy to build and transform and at the same time neutral enough to make the art, rather than the design, stand out. An exhibition must also be easily viewed and comprehensible to the visitor. That is why we used various unifying and space-organizing solutions, such as the Eksperimenta! exclamation mark signs and “information posts”.
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Volunteer at Eksperimenta! and win a trip to the Venice Biennale!

Coordinator of Eksperimenta! volunteers Triinu Soikmets. Photo: Liina Viru

If you would like to visit the European Capital of Culture Tallinn 2011 in spring, participate in organizing an international art event, take a behind-the-scenes look at the triennial, gain new contacts and enjoy the fruits of the work accomplished, then volunteer at Eksperimenta!. We welcome enthusiastic volunteers from all of the participating countries of Eksperimenta!, as well as from other countries!
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