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James Elkins – art historian who is experimenting with writing live on the Internet

Prof. James Elkins. Photo: School of the Art Institute of Chicago. http://www.saic.edu/profiles/faculty/jameselkins/

Professor James Elkins is the keynote speaker at Eksperimenta!’s conference programme Eduko IDEAlaboratory from 24th to 25th October. He is an internationally influential art historian and art critic, the author and editor of several most inspiring books that question the way art history is written, also the way we look at art education and the visual world around us.

Prof. Elkins is E. C. Chadbourne Chair of art history, theory, and criticism at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He introduces his ongoing projects like this: “I am experimenting with writing live on the internet. These texts update live, and you can contribute to any of them.”

Annely Köster asked Tallinn-based art historian and art critic Heie Treier (Tallinn University) some questions to introduce the keynote speaker of Eksperimenta!. Read more

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Why Art Cannot Be Taught?

Joonmeedia.ee team (Siiri Taimla and Tanel Rannala) will keep an eye on Eksperimenta! preparations. The second video brings into limelight the keynote speaker of Eduko IDEAlaboratory Prof. James Elkins and questions why art cannot be taught.

YouTube Preview Image
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Reminder: Eduko IDEAlaboratory. Open Call

A reflection of the presentation of the main presenter of IDEAlab 2011 Sir Ken Robinson. Joonmeedia.ee

As part of Eksperimenta! Eduko IDEAlaboratory for integrating contemporary art and education will take place from 24th to 25th October 2014 bringing together education experts, teachers, researches, artists and students. We are looking for intriguing and inspiring presentations / workshops, which would lead to a better understanding of the essence of contemporary art and would contribute to integrating / translating contemporary art into the art teaching process. The length of presentations is 45 minutes, workshops 60 minutes. For teachers we have reserved a session of short presentations (up to 20 minutes) on both days to present best practices. Read more

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Urmas Arula: We want to get involved

Urmas Arula. Photo: http://www.sandman.ee/est/kontakt

Eksperimenta!’s technology partner is a well-known retailer Euronics who wants to support young art and show that the TV screen at home can be used for much more than watching news or series – for example connect it with a computer and create animations or present slideshows of your photos. Marketing director of Euronics, Urmas Arula talks to Eksperimenta! newsletter. Read more

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Latvian exhibition experiments with physics

Experiments with dry ice. Photo: Karlis Kravis

Latvia prepares thouroughly for the second Eksperimenta! to help young people find their ideas for their art works by linking arts and science especially using some hands-on insights into experiments in physics.

Read more

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Finnish exhibition is making public art together

Vantaa Art School for Children and Young People. Project Art & Science. Photo: Tuire Leppälä

The Finnish exhibition is making public art together

A student-centred art education has been a general pedagogical goal in the Finnish exhibition for Eksperimenta! 2014. The creative processes of making art projects have been documented and they are represented in the exhibition. By making the process visible also the science of art education becomes visible.

The Finnish exhibition consists of three parts. There are photographic canvases depicting the development project for contemporary art education Art Navigator 2, which is a collaboration project of eleven art schools all over Finland. Additionally, Hämeenlinna and Vantaa Art Schools for Children and Young People present their works of art inspired by the theme Art & Science. Read more

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Nature and city collection

Photo: Riikka Ajanki

There are many among us, who have the passion for collecting something. This collection-based task from Sarah-Hilden Academy (Tampere, Finland) offers a fresh, artistic view point to researching surrounding environment. The task directs to collect objects both from urban and natural environment, to juxtapose the objects, to describe them and to documentate the situation of collection. This kind of approach is a great example of artists working in similar method with scientists. What do you get to know about urban and natural environment? Read more about the task here.

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