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Eksperimenta! Vote for the Audience Award Winner is on!

Video "True love" from Latvia

In addition to the ongoing vote on Eksperimenta’s! Facebook, the audience will have a chance to cast votes at the exhibition as well from 23rd October.

From 23 October to 22 November we encourage the audience to choose their favourite artwork at the exhibition venues St Catherine’s Church and Hopner House. The artwork and artist can be noted in the audience vote book together with the reasons for this selection. “I think this … is the best/most interesting artwork, because…”. The collected feedback will be forwarded to all artists who are mentioned, the one with most attention will be the audience award winner. The award will be announced on the closing day of the exhibition on 23rd November. Read more

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Triennial Area is Ready

Triennial area in St. Catherine's Church. Photo: Alver Linnamägi

Eksperimenta! triennial area is ready and waiting for art work. Read more

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Programme of the Opening Days

22.10 15:00–17:30 E! pre-tour “Art & Science in Tallinn”
_____ _________ __________________________________________________________________
23.10 11:00–13:00 “Make Your Own E!” – programme for the participating youth.
Meet-up in front of St. Catherine’s Church.
Hopner house
15:00 performance “Opening the Authors”, Slovenia
15:15 performance “Opening the Authors”, Brazil
15:30 opening of the cross-border project
St. Catherine’s Church
16:00 performance “Opening the Authors”, Germany
16:15 performance “Opening the Authors”, Russia
16:30 performance “Opening the Authors”, Turkey
16:45 performance “Opening the Authors”, Finland
17:00 performance “Opening the Authors”, Latvia
17:15 performance “Opening the Authors”, Estonia
17:30 performance “Opening the Authors”, Portugal
17:45 performance “Opening the Authors”, Canada
18:00 opening ceremony
19:30-20:00 “Kolm põrsakest” (“Three Little Piglets”) presents:
science show
20:00–22:00 Stalker Festival presents: “Süntesatoorium” (“Synthesatorium”),
or an opportunity to create sounds on various self-made
analogue synthesizers and design a unique atmosphere of
communication and sound.
_____ _________ __________________________________________________________________
24.10 Eduko IDEAlaboratory: the art of teaching.
Nordic Hotell Forum, Viru Square 3.
Triennial is open between 11:00-18:00.
St.Catherine’s Church and Hopner House.
_____ _________ __________________________________________________________________
25.10. Eduko IDEAlaboratory: the art of assessment.
Nordic Hotell Forum, Viru Square 3.
Triennial is open between 11:00-18:00.
St.Catherine’s Church and Hopner House.
_____ _________ __________________________________________________________________
26.10. Triennial is open between 11:00-18:00.
St. Catherine’s Church and Hopner House.
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Step out of the Classroom!

Joonmeedia.ee team (Siiri Taimla and Tanel Rannala) will keep an eye on Eksperimenta! preparations. The fifth video is inviting to step out of the classroom and take part of the Eksperimenta! school break programmes.

YouTube Preview Image
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Practical Info – Coming to Tallinn

You can get to Tallinn by train. Photo: Jaanus Remm

It is easy to travel to Tallinn from neighbouring countries, so everyone can visit Eksperimenta!

From Riga, Latvia there is regular bus service with ten daily departures from the coach station by our supporter Luxexpress. The trip takes about 4,5 hours, free wifi connection is provided. For schedules see: www.luxexpress.eu

Luxexpress also offers ten daily departures from St Petersburg Baltic Station, the trip duration from 6 to 8 hours.

Another option when coming from St Petersburg is by train: Go Rail offers two daily departures http://www.gorail.ee/en/tallinn-st-petersburg/

From Helsinki Finland there are numerous ferry departures daily, the ferry operators include Tallink, Viking Line, Eckerö Line and Linda Line. The journey duration starts from 2,5 hours. Read more

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Preliminary Weather Forecast for Estonia – Late October to November

Estonian autumn. Photo: Jane Remm

In Estonia, October and November weather is very unpredictable. In a meteorological sense, this time of the year constitutes a transitional period between autumn and winter and is called late autumn. During this period, weather can be characteristic of both autumn and winter.

The long-term (30 years) average 24-hour air temperature for October in Estonia is 6.3°C; the day-time maximum has reached 22.4°C, while the night-time minimum is -17.0°C. Typically, we have around 10°C during day-time, in some places up to 15°C, whereas at night, the air temperature is between 0 and +5°C. During clear nights, sub-zero temperatures can also be expected. The average precipitation is 69 mm; the 24-hour maximum has reached 48.3 mm. Most of the precipitation comes down as rainfall, but the first snow – which often melts by the end of the same day – cannot be ruled out either. Read more

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From Euclid to Einstein: Art for Time and Space

Estevao Haeser and students of Colégio Unificado

Ever since Einstein published his Theory of Relativity in 1905, the notion of time has been constantly going through changes. The concepts and ideas introduced to us by this book keep influencing science and our daily lives even today. However, it is common to see people happily using their electronic devices, such as GPS or mobile phones, without thinking about their working principles or the fact that these devices are only made possible because of Einstein’s ideas. Okay, but does this have anything to do with art? Read more

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Interpreting Voices

Installation workshop

Workshop “Interpreting Voices” took place in Viseu, Portugal in 2011. The workshop which was inspired by dialogical and community arts, collected stories of local poeple and opinions of the city by locals and tourists. Artistic interprtations were made by drawing, installation, performance, graffiti. Read more: http://www.eksperimenta.net/post/5438/

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Supporters and partners

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