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My special place

My special placeMy special place
A personal, strongly in the memories staying place. Technigue free, yet combining 2-and 3-dimensionality was recommended. Written memories were combined to the art works, too.

2011 / Vantaa Art School, 13-16 years old students, teacher Hanna Sakara

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The students were asked to recollect a place or space, that has a specila meaning for them. They were asked to write down their feelings and sensations in the place; sounds, scents, feeling of a touch, temperature, wind, light, shadows etc.
The realisation and the technique of the art work was free. Teacher showed some slides from the art works of Finnish contemporary artists ( Kaarina Kaikkonen, Anu Tuominen, Maiju Salmenkivi,Ulla Jokisalo) who combine both 2-and 3-dimensional work in their art.
Written notes from the places were combined to the art works.
The art works turned out to be very personal and thus different from each other. Paintings, collages, constructions, etc.
The places were for example a seaside park in Helsinki, an observatorio and a park, a summer cottage in the country, or holiday memory from Paris.

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