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PRE-TOUR, starts on 22nd of October, at 15:00, in car par of Kalev Spa, Aia 18, 20€

The Art Museum of Estonia visit (1,5h) + ICT Show Room visit (1,5h)
Kumu – The Art Museum of Estonia

KUMU abbreviates from Estonian KUnstiMUuseum (Art Museum). The largest art museum in the Baltics and one of the largest art museum in Northern Europe, KUMU is one of the five branches of Art Museum of Estonia housing its main office. In the exhibition halls’ total area of more than 5 000 m2 KUMU presents both permanent collections and temporary exhibits. The main collection covers Estonian art from the 18th century onwards, including the works from the occupations period and showing both Socialist Realism and Nonconformist art. Temporary exhibitions comprise of both foreign and Estonian modern and contemporary art.

ICT Show Room

Estonia has found recognition as an IT-capable country and many technological services have been developed here, but the introduction and sale of these solutions in Estonia and abroad have been stunted until now. The ICT Demo Center will showcase the solutions intended for the public and the private sector and will show them functioning together.
The Estonian ICT sector has been fragmented until now; by co-operating, companies could offer innovative solutions for both domestic consumers and for those outside Estonia. The Demo Center is intended not so much for demonstrating individual products of enterprises, but more for offering the integration-provided synergy and wholesome solutions.
The goal of the Center is to introduce information and communication technology solutions, to show examples of their usage possibilities in both private and public sector, and to shape the reputation of Estonia as an innovative and technologically developed country.
Price includes:

  • English speaking guide up to 4h
  • Standard bus up to 4h
  • Entrance to the KUMU art museum
  • Guide license in KUMU museums
  • Guided house tour at ICT Demo center