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Projeto Casa Grande

The Projeto Casa Grande is a collective and independent initiative of a group of nine african-brazilian artists. The aim of this project is to jumpstart those artists’ careers, promoting the reparation of the social damages provoked by the slavery of African people in Brazil. Today we can still feel the consequences of this story in our society, where the art system is managed by white skin agents. The positions of power in the art system in our city, as curator, collector, museum director, critic, are hold by male white men, descendents of the men who explored the slave work of our ancestors and got rich that way. We intend to achieve this goal of reparation by taking seven actions:

1. To rent a place to form a collective atelier;
2. To create material conditions (equipment) to develop artworks;
3. To give to these artists dignity to work: payment of a monthly grant;
4. At least nine free workshops to the community;
5. Creation of informational materials about the artists and their works, with the distribution focused on teachers;
6. To put together an exhibition in a acknowledged local art gallery;
7. To create, to print and to distribute a publication about the project and the exhibition.

The artists involved with the project are Estêvão da Fontoura Haeser, Giuliano Lucas, Leandro Machado, Luísa Gabriela, Marcelo Monteiro, Rafa Éis, Silvana Rodrigues, Waldemar Max e Michele Zgiet. This project received a national prize and it’s being implemented right now.

Phone: 00 55 51 9615.9268 | 51 3273.3799
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.projetocasagrande.org