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Sally Stuudio


Sally Stuudio is a non-profit organisation situated in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia which comprises of two main units: the art school and the Art Awareness Centre. Sally Stuudio is founded in 1991 – in the same year as Estonia re-gained its independence and is named after a big and friendly dog, great dane Sally (1991 – 2002), who still lives on as the studio’s mascot.

The mission of Sally Stuudio is to support the understanding and prestige of art in society. To fulfil this aim we support the need for creation and interest in culture among people, creating them possibilities to receive high-quality art information, to study art and to make art. The Art Awareness Centre aims to widen the ground of art – to bring art closer to people and achieve the growth of art awareness in Estonian society. The aim of Sally Stuudio art school is to develop students’ independent, creative and critical thinking and both manual and verbal self-expression through the means of contemporary art. To achieve the aim we have integrated the techniques of contemporary art and more traditional art and dealt with topics which are actual in society and environment.

Sally Stuudio Art School has courses for children, young people, non-formal art education courses for adults and training courses for teachers and school officials. About 200 pupils aged between 3 and 19 take part in our regular classes and activities, courses for adults and training courses add another 400 students.

The Art Awareness Centre manages the Estonian art education portal Kunstikeskus.ee, publishes the Estonian gallery and exhibition guide Art This Week and in the year 2011 will organise Eksperimenta!.

The main values of our organisation are: to be content-rich, creative and thoughtful. Sally Stuudio has gained remarkable recognition from its projects and exhibitions, which break down the barriers between art and everyday life and between professional and children’s artworks. Our openness, courage to experiment and our fruitful collaborations with Estonian artists has enabled us to offer both a unique experience of professional exhibition to young artists and also to offer new subjects and experiences to society on a wider scale.

Sally Stuudio is the initiator of Eksperimenta! and will be responsible for organising the triennial.

Contact information
Location: Aia 13B, Tallinn, Estonia
Post address: P.O.Box. 3233, 10505 Tallinn, Estonia
Telephone: +372 641 8518+372 641 8518
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.sallystuudio.ee