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Be an E! Volunteer!

Volunteers at work in 2011

Eksperimenta! is requesting the assistance of volunteers who would like to explain the background of youth art to visitors and help make each triennial visit an enjoyable experience!

By becoming an E! volunteer you can:
– explore the old town of Tallinn from a completely new angle – contemporary youth art in the middle of 14th century walls;
– take a look behind the scenes of a major international event;
– acquire inspiring experience, acquaintances and knowledge;
– receive a surprise gift;
– contribute to a more creative and caring world. Read more

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Become a Volunteer at Eksperimenta!

Joonmeedia.ee team (Siiri Taimla and Tanel Rannala) will keep an eye on Eksperimenta! preparations. The forth video is inviting to become a volunteer at Eksperimenta! and discover the triennial world behind the curtains.

YouTube Preview Image
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For Creativity to Grow Over Time

Peep Ehasalu in the Hard Currency Bar (authors of the 70s-style interior design: Kard Männil and Toomas Volkmann).

Eksperimenta! hotel partner Estoria is telling stories of Estonia. There are more connections between Eksperimenta! and Estoria than the initial “E”. Annely Köster asked Estoria communication manager Peep Ehasalu to talk closer what, why and how.

At the beginning of the year, you invited people to tell stories about their field of specialty and about Estonia. And not just any stories but those that are exciting enough for people to want to retell them. The stories were collected into a big “book” in the form of Hotel ESTORIA, whose every room is like a colourful page of Estonia. Now please tell us the story of ESTORIA – one that our readers would want to spread like rumour. Read more

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E! School Break – Step Out of the Classroom!

Eksperimenta! school excursions. Photo: Annely Köster

Come with your friends, try out yourself how contemporary art is created at Eksperimenta! and see great films at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Eksperimenta! 2014 Art & Science welcomes students to school excursions! We offer two different programmes: Read more

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Autumn in Tallinn

Tallinn Seaplane Harbour. Photo: Tallinn City Tourist Office & Convention Bureau

The dark days of autumn mean that most activities in Tallinn move to indoor venues. Nevertheless, there is still a lot going on, even aside from Eksperimenta!

As an idea for an inspiring afternoon we could recommend a stroll to Tallinn’s hipster neighbourhood Kalamaja. Start off with a visit to the Energy Discovery Centre – an exciting interactive display of all sorts of scientific inventions with many hands-on activities within the former power plant. This way you could add some hard science to your Eksperimenta! experience. Read more

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The Estonian Exposition is Taking Shape

Stina-Maria Lusti, Lota Marie Aaliste, Elo Vahtrik, Merili Kärk. Acclimatization

The selection of participants in the Estonian expo is not based on any specific schools; everybody had the chance to take part in the public competition. However, experience has shown that there are some schools with a greater output of young artists, and this is no doubt thanks to their art teachers, who have, first of all, already explained to their students the essence of contemporary art and are also actively encouraging them to take part in the process of Eksperimenta!.

Read more

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Links between the 2011 and 2014 Turkish Expositions

Arda Koray. Our Real Identity. 2011

Science and art are two fields that are interconnected with each other and our lives. In 2012, when the new triennial’s topic was announced, we were ending our national Eksperimenta! triennial exhibition at the Modern Art Centre of Ankara. All the participants came together in front of Arda Koray’s work, which used physics and mathematics and questioned the “real identity” through art. This work became our starting point for the 2nd Eksperimenta!. Arda continued working on the same subject. One of his works is also included in the exhibition. This way, we have a chance to build a link between the 1st and 2nd triennial.
Read more

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Reminder: Eduko IDEAlaboratory is Looking for Participants

Reflection on the presentation of Alison Cronin, in IDEAlab 2011. Joonmeedia

Eduko IDEAlaboratory conference on art of education and art of assessment in creative subjects takes place from 24th to 25th October as part of Eksperimenta! 2014. Presentations and workshops will be held with Estonian-English simultaneous translation and present experiences from Brazil to Portugal and Russia covering a wide area from theoretical questions of contemporary art education to practical workshops. We want to find out:

• If and how can art be taught?
• How to create a creative space that supports free expression, responsibility and learning?
• Is assessment in creative subjects necessary? Based on what and how to assess creative work?
• How to change the world in art and through art?
• How to build a bridge between the value and assessment practice of school and contemporary art world?
Read more

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Miniature Installatsion in Urban Space

Eva Mari Mahhov, Maiju Kettunen, Marja Palmujoki

In everyday life, city space is a functional environment. Urban art, on the other hand, uses city as a playground, which allows to create new realities and enliven the environment or solve problems by artistic initiative. During this task the students were looking for witty solutions alter the meaning of places and situation by adding artificial elements. Read more: http://www.eksperimenta.net/post/5131/

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Supporters and partners

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