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South-Korean exposition

Conteinment Hangari

The national theme of Eksperimenta!-Korea has been developed carefully by means of a thorough exploration and research of “Space” by the teachers and curators in our committee.
The main organizer is World Youth Art Exchange Network, led by Chairman Mr. Andy-Yeonsung Lee. WYAEN has started to promote Eksperimenta-Korea and has received some project proposals for Eksperimenta! Youth Art Center was the main educational organizer, conducting several art workshops with 125 pre-selected students. After that, the joint committee of WYAEN and Let’s Art Youth Art Center selected the best 45 students as the fi nalists.
The 45 students created numerous artworks which will ultimately be displayed in Tallinn.
The directions of the educators and Mr. Andy Yeonsung Lee for the themes were “Containment” and “Connection”.

The organizing committee developed the theme under an interpretation of “Space “.
We see “containment” as one way of working with a space. “Containment” is the ultimate space for holding something either physically or conceptually.

Alice Kim. Containment Hangari

In Korea, we have a culture and understanding of holding memories, emotions, physical objects, even the universe. Therefore, we have let children to explore the possible physical space that they wish to create and contain their interpretation of their will. The traditional Korean pots were the final direction. It gives a good representation of Korean culture. The significance of Korean pottery does not only lie in a single pot with very charming details, but it also provides the opportunity to have large numbers of pots installed as a group. This concept is becoming more meaningful by having our youth explore and experiment with new ways of sending a strong visual message with their new artistic activities.

Another theme was called “Indra’s Net”, which is related to the unique culture of our traditional religion and the fundamental philosophy of the Korean society. Indra’s Net is a basic relationship of any kind. It can be person-to-person and it can also exist between others who are not directly linked to each other. But we believe we are still connected to them. Therefore connections and links are essential to our lives. Another unique way of creating contemporary art was to have “Indra’s Net” as an interactive art installation. Initially, there are around 30 artworks, but it is meant to grow and involve more interaction by viewers and audiences during the exposition. “Indra’s Net” will be displayed, but we will let the audience to participate
and create more connections to other works and people. And the audience will contribute by creating art pieces (text, photos, drawings and doodles and even any objects) that can freely be added and connected to the already existing pieces.

Alex Jaeman Choi. Containment Hangari

Our final piece of artwork will be a video created by young people. This particular video art clip will be an interpretation of what the Korean youth think of as an interesting space that they live with. It can be the daily life of their space. It can also be their vision of a valuable space they might think of. We let the children go out and take a one-minute video or photos and use the computer to create simple visual messages. This piece can be displayed in the middle of the room and projected on a clear transparent vinyl screen, so that the audience can experience the virtuality. It might look as if our spirit is flying around and communicating
with the audiences.

Andy Yeonsung Lee
Won-Ho Lee