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Estonian Ministry of Culture
Within the Estonian Government, the Ministry of Culture is responsible for organising and coordinating state cultural policy. The task of the Ministry of Culture is to make sure that necessary and favourable conditions, both legislative and financial, are created for the functioning of culture, heritage and sports from the culture professionals’ as well as the general public’s point of view.
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The Gambling Tax Council
The Gambling Tax Council allocates support and was established under the Gambling Tax Act in 2002. The Council comprises 9 members of whom 6 are members of parliament and 3 are representatives of ministries.
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Meedius Eesti
Meedius is one of the biggest companies of media and business monitoring in Estonia, which has drawn together 13 professionals of the field.

Since 1993 Meedius Eesti has offered services for local and international organisation which help to improve companies’ marketing communications.

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