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Symposium „No! to the SNOWMEN”

Snow sculpture A cube

2010 / 2. un 3 course students of Janis Rozentals Riga Art High school

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The making process of the snow sculpture „A cube” in the yard of Janis Rozentals Riga Art High school might be called as an example of students self-initiative.Th winter of 2009/2010 was that rich with snow that it almost put forward the idea to make use of heaps of snow which lay everywhere by applying them in a bigger-sized artistic shape.
The students of course 2 and 3 decided to arrange the symposium of snow sculptures „No! to the SNOWMEN”, as a result of what an enormous snow cube was made as the only object. Despite a low temperature, the abstract form of the work was finished.The amount of hot water used for sticking the snowballs was impressive enough to make the substitute director unpleasantly surprised, however this fact allows us to judge about the carried out work.The process took place after lessons during the day`s dusk and evening hours.By observing the genuine enthusiasm in which the huge sculpture was created, students decided to make photos of the further changes of the scupture.The setting of spring melted and deformed the big amount of snow slowly,thus giving time to make bulky photo series for a small „slow-motion” film about art in nature.It has to be noted that the process of assembling pictures has not been finished yet due to lack of time.

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