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The National Education Institute of The Republic of Slovenia


During its fifty years of existence, The National Education Institute has always had a significant role in the shaping of the Slovenian education system at the pre-university level.

It was in charge of introducing changes in the education system and exercised supervision over the work of educational institutions.

Since 2000, The National Education Institute has become an important factor in the education system’s restructuring process. Together with others it has devised new curriculum solutions, developed methods for the successful transfer of modifications into the education system and devised a plan for accompanying the curriculum or programs and new elements into practice.

What we do
– We plan, test, develop and implement new elements together with the professional staff and heads at kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, secondary school student dormitories, and other educational professionals and institutions.
– We can dynamically connect to their daily work and lives through a branched-out network of regional offices: we have opened up effective channels for decentralized activities and enabled stronger ties with each educational institution.
– We perform research and development tasks and, by linking theory and practice, form conceptual solutions.
– We implement projects, defined by the directives and demands of the national curricular reform on one hand and by internationally recognized pedagogical approaches on the other.
– Teachers and other educators as well as educational professionals from faculties and research organisations participate in these projects.
– The results are used directly in education.
– The further education and training of professional staff is carried out for the introduction of new solutions.
– We monitor and evaluate pedagogical practice, especially the introduction of new programs or program elements, and publish relevant data about the educational activities of kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions.
– We actively link ourselves with research and development institutions and educational institutions that deal with pedagogical work at home and abroad.
– We take care of being recognized in the eyes of the professional and general public.

NEIS is a member of Eksperimenta! international network and the coordinator of the Slovenian exposition of Eksperimenta! 2011.

Contact information:
Post address: Poljanska 28, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Telephone: +38612363145+ 386 1 300 51 00
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: http://www.zrss.si