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Author:Elizabete BlumaThe aim of the day creative workshop was to offer an opportunity of creative qualification in painting and graphic skills to the youth of 9-16 during summer holidays.
In addition, the youngsters got acquainted with Janis Rozental’s Riga Art High school and the SMALL ART SCHOOL’S work specifics.
The aim was to involve the youth of PARDAUGAVA and the main target of this workshop was to rise children’s creativity in painting compositions and various graphic techniques.
In August of 2011 ( 15.-26.) 13 children of the age of 9 to 15 took part in workshop. There were two children from Switzerland who do the improvement activities there for the second year. For 5 children
the Latvian language is not native. 4 children will continue their education in the SMALL ART SCHOOL.
The programme „Dutch still life” ( 5 days long ) was under the guidance of Inese Siliņa when children painted from nature:
– still lives with a mask, a seagull, fish, flowers, a.c.;
– the copies of Latvian artists’ works;
– figural compositions as to their imagination;
by learning the rules of composition,
mixing of tones, the structure of subjects,
proportion, tonal relationships, using the techniques
of pastel, water-colour and oil.
The programme of Ilgnese Avotiņa „Direr’s workshop”:
-gives in five days the comprehension about 3 printing basic ways (intaglio, letterpress and planography);
-Direr’s activities in the sphere of graphic;
Practically works were made in :
-frotage tecnique;
-ink drawing;
-dry point tecnique;
-cardboard printing;
-printing on cloth (T-shirts);
-individually carried out experiments combining various techniques.
The whole work’s creation process – from sketches till carving, preparing of paper, printing and exposition of works was carried out by children themselves under the guidance of teacher. The participants chose the issues of the creative compositions freely by themselves.

2011 / Art teachers of Janis Rozentals Riga Art High school: Ilgnese Avotina, Inese Silina, the youth of Pardaugava

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